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Soul Sessions by Jeff Golub

Nominated for guitarist of the Year in 2003, by the National Smooth Jazz Awards, Jeff Golub steps up to the plate with his latest CD, SOUL SESSIONS.

Each track is a spirited collaboration of spontaneity and originality. Golub maintained an open-door policy in the studio, encouraging what is sometimes known as a garage session the best of live music improvised by artists as the spirit moves them; also known as a jam session.

Golub states, "When given a choice between soul and precision, I’ll take soul every time."

Co-producer of SOUL SESSIONS, Bud Harner has worked with Golub since they worked together on tour with superstar Rob Stewart, back in the 1980s. The duo’s familiarity makes a symbiotic rhythm seem effortless.

Writing several selections on SOUL SESSIONS,Golub also teamed up with keyboardist Chris Palmaro, Tim Gant and keyboardist Jeff Lorber.

David Woodford’s tenor and baritone saxophones cry to be heard, while Lincoln Goines’ acoustic bass keeps perfect timing and a splendid background to the soulful tracks.

The recording of Jesse Winchester’s song, ‘Isn’t That So’is described as being inspired by some jam sessions at the Manhattan club Dark Star Lounge. Golub brings his guitar playing to the forefront on this track, letting the listener experience the full slide of the strings.

With such a great group of artists, Golub tackles ‘Skin Tight, an Ohio Player’s funky original, and pulls it off with the sweet soulful vocals of Sue Ann Carwell.

Golub is compared to artists like David Sanborn, the Crusaders, Joe Sample, Ronnie Laws and the late Grover Washington, Jr., for his innovative stepping out and stepping up creativity.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Jeff Golub
  • CD Title: Soul Sessions
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Verve Music Group
  • Rating: Five Stars
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