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Urban Knights V by Urban Knights V

Ramsey Lewis’ legendary talent speaks through his ability to spot hot, young talent, which he does on Urban Knights V.

Each artist chosen for this album brings a special touch and feel to keep the listener engaged, showing a vast array of unique skills. A mix of high-spirited listening and easy tunes keeps this album from being repetitive.

Doing it right, theUrban Knights V kick off their fifth album.

Beginning with Marvin Gaye’s Got To Give It Up, the group lightheartedly brings all the spirit Gaye intended this classic to elicit..

Quiet Heart features Kenny Garrett on sax, showing a wide array of notes, while Calvin Rodgers keeps time on drums. Kevin Randolph and Rick Robinson provide a soft background on keyboards.

Springing into a spirited Church, Ramsey Lewis again displays his free range on the piano. Rick Robinson does a stretch on the organ as Frayne Lewis adds a spin to the keyboards giving even more spunk to this already lively tune.

Michelle Williams floats the airy vocals on Will You Still Love Me?, with background vocals by Karees Brown, Amanda Kardos, Paul Walton, Simbryt Whittington.

Coming back for track five, Kenny Garrett shows his stuff on sax for On The Up. Mano Hanes on keyboard, Alejo Poveda on percussion, Keith Henderson and Danny Leake on guitar, along with Maurice Fitzgerald on bass create a funky, upbeat tune drawing the listener to every note.

King allows Henry Johnson a strong range on the guitar.

The group’s favorite, I Can See Clearly Now features Steve Zoloto on sax as Sharay Reed keeps a lively beat on bass. Background vocals provide a smooth rhythm for this familiar tune.

Paul Walton leads vocals with his mellow tones, occasionally hitting a high note to keep the listener in tune with the mood of No One, written by Brando Triantafillou, who also does a great job on guitar.

The New Funktier features Orbert Davis on trumpet, as the group once again brings on the serious funk. Calvin Rodgers’ strong timing on drums and Stereo’s drum programming keeps the body moving to the stealthy beat.

To round out the album, Honor Him/Now We Are Free, was selected from the movie Gladiator. The notes of this tune show the range and depth of the entire album, which is designed to keep the audience in touch with all the senses.

This entire album is a lively tribute to funk, free spirit and the fun these young talents bring to the field of music. Ramsey Lewis has reached his goal for this album Urban Knights V.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Urban Knights V
  • CD Title: Urban Knights V
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Year Released: 2003
  • Record Label: Narada Jazz
  • Tracks: Got To Give It Up, Quiet Heart, Church, Will You Still Love Me?, On The Up, King, I Can See Clearly Now, No One, The New Funktier, Dream, Honor Him/Now We Are Free
  • Musicians: Ramsey Lewis and a crew of excellent, fresh talent.
  • Rating: Five Stars
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