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Misconception by Ted Hogarth Collective

Misconception by the Chicago-based Ted Hogarth Collective is an album of rich and varied textures. From the deep velvet baritone and quirky C-Melody saxophones of leader Hogarth, to the twinkling electronic pulses of Jo Ann Daugherty’s Fender Rhodes, the listener is presented with an array of interesting sounds. It helps, of course, that Hogarth has a talent for arrangements that highlight both the collective and individual voices of the band.

The Hogarth original "Now" which opens the album features a classic, indelible melody for Hogarth’s sax and Brian Schwab’s trumpet to harmonize on. The use of the Fender Rhodes on this track is inspired. Once an instrument that encapsulated all the fears and hopes for the future of the music, enough time has now passed for it to actually have an organic, rootsy feel. It is a nice change up on a track that seemed destined to feature the fastball-standard piano accompaniment.

Misconception is an album of taste and class recorded by a leader who possesses those attributes. It was his good fortune, and ours, that he has found fellow players who exhibit those same values.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ted Hogarth Collective
  • CD Title: Misconception
  • Genre: Straight-Ahead / Classic
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Blujazz
  • Tracks: Now, The Dance, Second Laugh, Misconception, Even Keel, Aspirations, Childrens Song
  • Musicians: Ted Hogarth (C melody, tenor and baritone saxophone), Andy Baker (trombone), Jo Ann Daugherty (piano, Fender Rhodes electric piano), Bob Lovecchio (bass), Brian Schwab (trumpet, flugelhorn), Darren Scorza (drums)
  • Rating: Three Stars
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