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Afinidad by David Binney / Edward Simon

The Jazz is traditional and at times a bit abstract. It's David Binney and Edward Simon and their release, Afinidad. Edward Simon is from Venezuela and for David Binney, he was born in Florida and raised in Ventura, CA. Edward has worked with such Jazz legends as Charlie Sepulveda, Jerry Gonzalez and Paquito D'Rivera. It's been said that Edward Simon sounds like McCoy Tyner on the piano. David Binney is an artist that has it all together on the sax and was a surprise to many with his debut album Point Game off of Owl Records. Together these guys sound as if they have been creating music for years. We hope the Red Record Label does not stop at just this release but have many more collaborations to come from these two gentlemen.

Track one is entitled Red. I wonder if for the Red Record Label? This piece starts off in a very smooth traditional means with David Binney and Edward Simon giving it their all. Together with Brain Blade on drums. This is a jam that you can sit back and coast to. That is until we get into the abstract being of the cut. Then the group lets loose and it's full stream ahead. If you are into the avant-garde you will dig this.

Track two is called Civil War and puts Brian Blade out front with a civil war drum beat with David Binney following close behind with a very smooth sound from his sax. Very cool and a great jam to listen to. Sounds like history in the making. As I listen to Civil War I can think about nothing but the mellow sound that this cut produces and what a pleasure it is to listen to. Perhaps others will think about all of our brothers and sisters that gave their life for our country when they listen to it. Check it out. What do you think?

Track three is called Pere and has a definite swing and easy feel to it. I would venture out to say that Edward Simon has a type of Herbie Hancock feel to the keyboard on this one. A bit abstract with a feel of smooth on top. David Binney can blow, man! Great listening especially if you are into the genre we call Jazz. That's capital J. Capital A. Capital Z. Capital Z. Put together they spell the greatest music in the world. Jazz.

For you Latin Jazz lovers track seven is called Mi Querencia and has Binney blowing his sax in a smooth excellence to begin with then the group cuts up with a very hip sounding Latin beat that is second to none. Edward Simon once again on the 88's is very well versed in the playing of Jazz with a Latin style to it. Bassmaster Scott Cooley helping from the background with a smooth strumming that sounds absolutely magnifico. We should call this Jazz for the heart.

Throughout the release Adam Cruz is doing just a fabulous job on percussion as is Adam Rogers on guitar.

Track ten is entitled Red Reprise and is a shorter version of track one, Red but with the same feeling of abstract. Perhaps a bit faster beat. Or is it that I've listened to the rest of this album and got a feeling for the smooth sounds that David Binney and Edward Simon can produce.

Track eleven is called Remembrance and utilizes Scott Cooley and his bass in a feeling of sadness and loneliness. Together with Binney and Simon you can get a real situation of sitting back and reflecting on sad times.

For David Binney and Edward Simon, Afinidad has been an excellent, excellent release and we hope to hear more from these two musical geniuses in the near future. Many thanks to the Red Record Label for making this pairing come true. We love you at!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Binney / Edward Simon
  • CD Title: Afinidad
  • Genre: Traditional / New Orleans
  • Year Released: 2000
  • Record Label: Red Records
  • Musicians: David Binney (alto sax) Edward Simon (piano) Scott Colley (bass) Brian Blade (drums) Adam Cruz (percussion) Lucia Pulido (voice) Adam Rogers (guitar)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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