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Oh Brian! - Play That Thing by Brian Carrick

Brian Carrick is one of the most prolific recorders on the current traditional jazz scene. The British clarinetist clings tightly to the style popularized by New Orleans reedmen George Lewis, "Polo" Barnes and Albert Burbank. Carrick plays a rare metal clarinet gifted to him by George Lewis’ daughter and played by her father decades ago.

Because of his faithful adherence to the pure Crescent City sound, Carrick is in high demand as a guest artist with traditional bands in Britain, Europe and North America. His recent recordings with New Orleans jazzmen Gregg Stafford, Darryl Adams and Freddy Lonzo received rave reviews by the traditional jazz press. Another highlight, in this writer’s opinion, was Carrick’s performance with Jensen’s Jazz Serenaders at the Sorgenfri Kirke church concerts in Denmark.

The new CD, Oh Brian! - Play That Thing features unreleased material from four Jazz Crusade albums recorded in Britain, Canada and New Orleans. There is a lot of top-notch music on this CD and some favorite players show up in the form of Danish drummer, Doc Houlind, trumpeter Gregg Stafford, cornetist Fred Vigorito and bassist Colin Bray. Brian Carrick swings nicely with the four bands presented on the album but I must single out the Freddy Lonzo group as delivering the "knockout punch." The Ready For Freddy CD became a favorite of mine when it was issued and it’s great to hear the additional material from the session. Carrick and trombonist Lonzo are a near-perfect combination. Freddy Lonzo echoes many of the growls and low notes that endeared fans to Kid Ory. He’s a truly exciting player. Emil Mark, Reide Kaiser, Colin Bray and Soren "Doc" Houlind back the Carrick / Lonzo duo. Bray, Kaiser and Mark are commonly referred to as Jazz Crusade’s All-Star rhythm section, and with good reason.

Sound samples will be available at the Jazz Crusade website. Have a listen!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Brian Carrick
  • CD Title: Oh Brian! - Play That Thing
  • Genre: Traditional / New Orleans
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Jazz Crusade
  • Tracks: When You’re Smiling; The Bucket’s Got a Hole In It; I Want To Be Happy; Make Me a Pallet On The Floor; Sing On; Melancholy; You Can Depend On Me; Lead Me Saviour; Canal Street Blues; Who’s Sorry Now; In The Sweet Bye & Bye.
  • Musicians: Brian Carrick (clarinet, tenor sax) on all tracks. Track 1: Gregg Stafford (trumpet); Emil Mark (piano); Colin Bray (bass); Sven Stahlberg (drums). Tracks 2-7: Freddy Lonzo (trombone); Reide Kaiser (piano); Emil Mark (banjo); Colin Bray (bass); Doc Houlind (drums). Tracks 8-9: Big Bill Bissonnette (trombone); Peter Wright (trumpet); Mac MacDonald (banjo); Ken Matthews (bass); Malc Murphy (drums). Tracks 10-11: Darryl Adams (alto sax); Fred Vigorito (cornet); Brian Towers (trombone); Roberta Hunt (piano); Colin Bray (bass); Big Bill Bissonnette (drums).
  • Rating: Four Stars
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