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Uncertain Path by Rob Levit Trio

We must not wait in vain for some unspoken future opportunity, but rather be the singularity that forges fearlessly ahead in the present moment. "Rob Levit"

Rob Levit left this philosophical proclamation inside the jacket of his new undertaking entitled "Uncertain Path". This statement of belief speaks volumes for his objective in delivering this exercise in innovation to the jazz audience. Mr. Levit realized his vision and left his brushstrokes throughout this composition. Start to finish; it is clearly evident that Mr. Levit, with all the legato strains and harmonic magic, went far outside the textbooks to reinvent intensity and originality in the world of jazz.

Levit alone posses a demanding and strong gift within his chosen instrument. He seems to have that keen mastery of the strings while understanding the lengths to which he can take them, much like that of John Petrucci or for that matter Ferenc Snetberger. To be able to tell a story through movement of strings and placement of chords is not a skill but a gift. With "Uncertain Path", this gift has definitely been bestowed upon Mr. Levit.

Accompanied by artistically dynamic musicians Frank Russo (Drums) and Amy Shook (Bass) these cuts, along with Levit’s unique showcasing's of Sting’s Fields of Gold" and Bob Marley’s Waiting in Vain, are extremely unique in structure and shape. Note as well the use of techno throughout the performances. Many more timid artists stay clear of such procedures but Mr. Levit is one that embraces risk allowing those chances to work for the listener.

Using a hollow body on "Sophia" makes this melodic cut a strong signature of sensitivity for Levit. With periodic sounds floating through the offering, along with angelic cymbals as backdrop, it makes "Sophia" a very satisfying audio encounter.

If blues light a fire in your belly, then sit back for ignition as "Daily Grind Blues" strikes your flint. The guitar work, up and down the neck is strong and vibrant. However the real showcase to this piece is the bass of Amy Shook, showcasing her outstanding method with cool enthusiasm.

Russo showcases his drum expertise in the offering on this project "Footprints", as his intro opens the door to a massive explosion of pure energy bouncing off the strings of Levit. Russo then goes into several rolls and techniques that make the bonding of these two specialists a memorable escapade in jazz.

Called by many as a rising jazz star and a rarity in the genre, Levit’s time is now, and the trio has seized onto it with every ounce of talent they have absorbed. Symbol System Music has released a daring and innovative performance on disk, as the Rob Levit Trio seizes the true core of creativity and imagination through composition. One can buy "Uncertain Path" with confidence.... this offering is a jazz delight.

Karl Stober is an international freelance columnist and broadcaster who can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Karl can also be reached at 1-802-380-6065.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rob Levit Trio
  • CD Title: Uncertain Path
  • Genre: Traditional / New Orleans
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Symbol System Music
  • Tracks: Singularity, Fields of Gold, Uncertain Path, After You (for Elaine), M-Dive, Safe Returns (In Memoriam 911), Sophia / Solace, Daily Grind Blues, Ballad #3, The Undoing (for Jaya), Moving Closer, Waiting in Vain, Footprints
  • Musicians: Rob Levit (Guitar), Amy Shook (Bass), Frank Russo (Drums)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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