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A World Within A World by Raul Midon

An exciting new release from soul master Raul Midon was spinning on my CD player all week in advance of the official release date scheduled for September 25, 2007, A World Within A World is a very special treat, packed full of well produced, well written, easy to take tunes put across in a rhythm & blues, folk groove with lots of Latin soul. The recording features Mr. Midon in a tremendous performance as he spiritually and soulfully delivers ten tracks with deep, insightful lyrics and an abundance of superior musicianship from Midon and an unnamed supporting cast. Raul Midon has produced a recording that is an excellent follow up to his debut CD and a recording that shows his progression from a person who sounded like other great soul singers to a singer of distinction and originality. If you only pick up one R&B style CD this year, this should be it.

The opening track is a pick me up, "Pick Somebody Up" with a string section adding musical depth and the strikingly powerful voice of Raul Midon flowing over the top, all backed up by a foot stompingly, solid rhythm section. An enjoyable song with a bridge that allows for some self examination as Mr. Midon asks the big question, "Why you doing this thing, how come you’re playing music for people?" A fun song with a strong back-beat, great vocals and an excellent feel that all goes towards lifting your spirits. Moving along rapidly, the song up next, "Save My Life" played at laid back tempo, a mellow sounding tune develops in a big way, great blues guitar licks accent the vocal lines, Latin percussion by way of bongos or congas adds nicely to the feel, the song builds to a gentle fade.

And so it goes, song after song just keeps groovin’, with a good time feel, "All The Answers" a saviour for our times, in pop music at least, with clean, clear mouth trumpet riffs - making brass obsolete, no, but better than scatting. "Ain’t Happened Yet" a song for the 21st century, a little Wonderesque in feel, but when that’s part of your influence no harm in paying tribute and thanks, a joyous song with an excellent rhythm.

The highlight for me is the fact that we have a first rate second album of artistic beauty from this exceptional entertainer, who has a great talent to share with the world. There are many elements that contribute to the music on A World Within A World, the songs, the lyrics, some sad, some joyous, the music, the vocals, the solos, the spirit, the honesty and a tremendous production by Joe Mardin that is fresh and vibrant.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Raul Midon
  • CD Title: A World Within A World
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Manhattan Records
  • Rating: Four Stars
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