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Circus by Ole Amund Gjersvik Quintet

Circus is the sixth jazz album released for Norwegian double bass player Ole Amund Gjersvik. The album has many influences such as the waltz, tango, and Latin. Every song on this album has been arranged and composed by Gjersvik.

Gjersvik has recorded with many musicians such as Jerry Donahue, Doug Morter, Jens Falck, Bob Mintzer, Mick Ronson, Gabriel Rivano, Victor Villadangos, Gabriel Libedinsky, Gabriel Viggiano, Daniel Amaro, Neil Sedaka, Gilbert O. Sullivan, Ketil Bjørnstad, Per Jørgensen, Nils Peter Moldvær, Bendik Hofseth, Egil Kapstad, Dag Arnesen, Olav Dale, Ole Jacob Hystad, Jan Kåre Hystad, Karl Seglem, Kenneth Sivertsen, and many more. In 1990 Gjersvik formed jazz label Acoustic Records. Today he leads two groups: Ole Amund Gjersvik Quintet (jazz) and Combo Tango (Argentinean tango).

The album commences with the track, "The Clown" which has a medium tempo and a pure horn section which acts as the perfect segue into the next track, "Appasionata Criminelle." Eivand Waage Austad on piano truly shines with his dazzling solo. The song has an upbeat yet melancholy melody further accented by Gjersvik on bass. The mood shifts with the third track, "Bossa Experimental." It is soft and one of the more romantic tracks on the album. Gjersvik and the band collaborate beautifully and there is a sense of improvisation that comes together effortlessly. The tracks, "Tango", and "Sad And Lonely", are haunting and tinged with melancholy. "The Bassist" highlights Gjersvik’s extraordinary talent. On the seventh track, "Bossa For Ada" the mood becomes melancholy once again, this track is suave and Are Ovesen is showcased with his amazing trumpet playing talent. The album continues with the tracks, "The Joker", "Buena", "Circus", "The Pianist", "Memories Of A Lost Time", and the final track, "The Melancholy Clown."

The title of each track is indicative of what to expect. Each song is unique and all of the various musical influences are evident with each song. The Ole Amund Gjersvik Quintet has arrived with the release of this album! It is worthy of your attention.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Ole Amund Gjersvik Quintet
  • CD Title: Circus
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Acoustic Records
  • Tracks: The Clown, Appasionata Criminelle, Bossa Experimental, Tango, Sad And Lonely, The Bassist, Bossa For Ada, The Joker, Buena, Circus, The Pianist, Memories Of A Lost Time, The Melancholy Clown.
  • Musicians: Thomas Nøkling ( saxophone ), Are Ovesen ( trumpet and flugelhorn ), Eivind Waage Austad ( piano ), Ole Amund Gjersvik ( double bass ), and Nils Are Drøn ( drums ).
  • Rating: Five Stars
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