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Colter Frazier Quartet by Colter Frazier Quartet

This quartet’s debut release follows two previous releases of Frazier’s and Wallace’s (Colton Frazier/Rob Wallace Duo.) The music is a unique mixture of jazz, classical, chamber, and various contemporary musical styles and numerous musical effects. A wholly satisfying musical experience, Frazier and the band create a complex labyrinth of textures and sounds.

There do not seem to be enough adjectives to accurately describe the music of the quartet: pensive, intricate, deep, somber, multidimensional, moody, and haunting are but a few that only scratch the surface. The tone on this recording changes from bold and aggressive to soft and quiet and back again from track to track and within each composition as well. Each piece is a complete musical journey unto itself thereby making it difficult to single out any track for special comment, but after repeated listens there are a few highlights such as track 4, "4 Days and 5 Months" which is quite an emotion-laden musical saga in and of itself, going from sheer silence to a cacophonic mixture of sounds, strings adding to the intrigue and various effects taking the listener on an epic adventure. "Late Again" quivers with nervous intensity as feverish strings bring this track to life and convey the tension of this composition. "Flight School for Sparrow," composed by bassist Miles Jay starts off soft and steadily builds to an energetic climax, taking on a slower pace again towards its conclusion.

This disc offers a brilliantly innovative musical perspective and one surely benefits from repeated listens as there are so many layers of elements that reveal themselves at different times throughout. The Colter Frazier Quartet features a great ensemble of talented musicians and truly inspired compositional and musical adventure.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Colter Frazier Quartet
  • CD Title: Colter Frazier Quartet
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: pfMENTUM
  • Tracks: Lloyd’s Prayer, Hopes of Reunification, Where000, 4 Days and 5 Months, August Ballad, Late Again, Flight School for Sparrow, Unknown Strain II, Lunch With Osby, Lonely Friday, 1-22-07, Focus.
  • Musicians: Rob Wallace (drums/percussion), Miles Jay (bass), Nick Coventry (viola/violin), Colter Frazier (tenor sax.)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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