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Live at the Earshot Jazz Festival by Magnets!

Ecclectic all the way through to the bottom on her toenails with a distinctive style of playing and being an iconoclast makes bassist Kim Clarke a unique character. Clarke has the groove in her blood and is known worldwide as one of the greatest jazz-women bassists. She has acquired an utterance of her own on her instrument that is luxuriant and painlessly recognized.

Kim Clarke has been on the New York scene since the early 80s and has passed through Guyana, South America, the whole USA, Canada, Japan and even Pakistan. Not to mention her tours around Western Europe, where Clarke is appreciated as one the great artists and composers that she is.

Magnets! was founded by Clarke and saxophonist Rob Scheps toward the end of the 90’s. George Mitchel plays the piano and Ronnie Burrage is on the drums. This CD was recorded Live at the Earshot Jazz Festival in Seattle--"On The Boards Theater", Seattle--. Since then the group had toured throughout three continents.

The band splendidly dawns at harmonizing inwardly through the motions and the tracks, conceived fluently by bass, drums and saxophone each contributing a cutting tempo thoroughly annotated circa gorgeous piano setting the stage for a gradual exacerbation until the piece blows up into a testy funky-bop. It's a rattling devour. "Too Much Fun" is the acute point of this delectable album.

The musical bravery and jazz styles of Magnets! resides in the apocryphal synergism between and betwixt the strings --where Clarke and Mitchel sinuously play above all their funky tones-- vocalizing peculiarly and adequately with Scheps’ grating cram asseverations. But Burrage is balanced in every conception, and in no way plays the sole anchor duties. For example, "Visiting Royalty" opens with rhythmic suggestions with expertise brought off by the drums while on the funky-like "Celestial Moods", drums and bass generate structures which glide between taping sounds, slap dialectics, and horn exhalations.

Honestly, Magnets! is a explosive release.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Magnets!
  • CD Title: Live at the Earshot Jazz Festival
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2001
  • Record Label: Own Release
  • Tracks: Visiting Royalty, Heart Ascends, Celestial Moods, Kurasawa, Too Much Fun
  • Musicians: Kim Clarke (basses), Rob Scheps (saxes), George Mitchell (piano, keyboard), Ronnie Burrage (drums)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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