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Lobster Leaps In by The Microscopic Septet

As a follow-up to the CD reissues of the band’s four ‘80s released albums titled, Seven Men In Neckties: History of the Micros, Volume One and Surrealistic Swing: History of the Micros, Volume Two, including previously unheard material, they regroup for the first time since 1992. Thus, new product from an excitingly hip and critically acclaimed unit will undoubtedly spark additional interest amid the septet’s past accolades.

The New York City-based group follows suit as they embark upon a musical trek that looms as a modernist/retro type history of jazz music. And its all executed with the panache of an outfit that covers a lot of turf while maintaining a signature sound. As the musicians' modus operandi features a seamless merger of bop, boogie-woogie, traditional jazz, swing and a few deconstructions that parallel the avant stylizations of the City’s notorious downtown scene. Extremely tight, yet loose and open-ended when required, the ensemble generates toe-tapping grooves amid brisk swing vamps and full-speed-ahead soloing maneuvers. They get it all down to a coherently developed science, but are apt to shift strategies and cadences on a nanosecond’s notice by sustaining a detailed soundstage and high-level of interest throughout.

On the soul-jazz rocker "Life’s Other Mystery," the saxophonists pursue a garrulous pace atop the rhythm section’s snappy pulse, although they switch gears by tempering the flow with a sublime melody. In effect, the artists generally render a high-flying game-plan, all subsidized by their sharpshooter like technical faculties. But the unit also throttles back the proceedings and is equally adept at venturing into the freer scheme of matters. Sure enough, they’ve forecasted heaps and bounds of good cheer since the ‘80s and now with this release, the musical joyride continues. (Essential.... )

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Microscopic Septet
  • CD Title: Lobster Leaps In
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Cuneiform Records
  • Tracks: 1. Night Train Express 2. Disconcerto for Donnie3. Lobster Leaps In4. Got Lucky5. Lies6. Lifes Other Mystery7. Almost Right8. Money Money Money9. Lt. Cassawary10. Twilight Time Zone11. The Big Squeeze'
  • Rating: Five Stars
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