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Shurum Burum Jazz Circus by David Buchbinder

David Buchbinder has released Shurum Burum Jazz Circus, a multidisciplinary project striking up music with dance and circus performance to drive listeners to a colorful path of melodies. Buchbinder is a great trumpeter who has performed with group the MEDINA, Roula Said, Matt Darriau, Dave Douglas, Joe Maneri, Butch Morris, Hugh Marsh, Freddie Stone, Frank London, and Jane Bunnett.

Shurum Burum Jazz Circus has been nominated the best Contemporary jazz album of the year 2006 by the Juno Awards.The Awards will be handed out on Sunday, April 2nd in Halifax. His performances have been extensively broadcasted by all Canadian medias.

The album is composed of twelve tracks, overwhelmed with the multicultural elements of jazz. The album is also co-produced by fabulous bass player, Roberto Occhipinti. It’s the first solo release of Buchbinder, featuring some great artists such as Parmela Attariwala, Rob Clutton, Pol Cousée, Stephen Donald, Greg De Denus, Levon Ichkhanisan, Bridget Lamarche-Brown, Peter Lutek, Roberto Occhipinti, Carina Reeves, Barry Romberg and Perry White.

The album opens with a kaleidoscope of music swinging like hell. The orchestration is perfect; the reeds sound majestic ending "Overture." This piece and "Clubland" are from films scored for director Saul Rubinek.

"Invectus," "Swagger" and "Fireplug" first appeared in a CBC Radio Words and Music presentation. Roberto Occhipinti’s plays incredible ripping bass on "Invectus." "Stone of Folly" was written for a short film and is without a doubt one of the best compositions of this album. "Monkfish" is where the reed section and the horns create Latin hops; the bass slapping provides a swinging unusual setting. "Samarkand" is joyfully creative, celebrating Buchbinder's multiple musical influences of klezmer jazz and his passion for dance and other arts. Whereas some classical notes arose on the tracks the horns keep a fairy-like melody. The innovations and passion that Buchbinder gives to his music surely rank among the best.

"Portrait of Cagney" and "If Truth Be Told" is intense, amazing and amusing. The orchestration tends toward a funky-jazzy mood that will leave, nevertheless, the audience laughing of joy. There may have been great CDs released last year, but none that I have enjoyed half as much as Shurum Burum Jazz Circus.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: David Buchbinder
  • CD Title: Shurum Burum Jazz Circus
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Monkfish Records
  • Tracks: Overture, Invectus, Portrait of Cagney, Swagger, King Rat, Clubland, Fireplug, Monkfish, stone of Folly, Samarkand, Sideshow, If Truth Be Told
  • Musicians: David Buchbinder (trumpet flugelhorn), Parmela Attariwala (violin), Rob Clutton (bass), Pol Cousée (soprano, alto, tenor sax, bass clarinet, flute), Stephen Donald (trombone), Greg De Denus (piano), Levon Ichkhanisan (guitar), Bridget Lamarche-Brown (viola), Peter Lutek (soprano, tenor and baritone sax, clarinet), Roberto Occhipinti (bass), Carina Reeves (cello), Barry Romberg (drums percussion), Perry White (soprano and tenor sax)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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