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Sunday Morning Santa Monica by Wen Mew

Wen Mews Sunday Morning Santa Monica is a fabulous collection of Jazz and Bossa Nova tunes, all written by Wen Mew.

Wen and partner Michael Parlett have the feeling, tone and perfect phrasing to play Bossa Nova. Michael plays piccolo on "Sues Sunrise", alto saxophone on "Lady Bs Bossa" and baritone sax on Bossalero (a combination of Bossa Nova with Bolero). Wen plays the saxello, essentially a straight Bb soprano, but with a slightly curved neck and tipped bell

Wen and Michael play perfectly together, with nice solo exchanges also on the jazz tracks, "Living with Lady Haig" and "Mews Mood for Love" . Michael plays alto sax on "Lady Haig" and "Groovin" with Kim and baritone sax on "Mews Mood for Love".

On the rest of the album is all Wen playing the saxello and some of the most beautiful melodies on the ballads, "Sunday Morning Santa Monica", "Embrace Sal", dedicated to his aunt, and "May Jan Mew", dedicated to his mother.

"Robys Waltz" is dedicated to one of my favorites jazz singers, Roberta Gambarini and "First Lady Michele Obama" is obviously dedicated to the United States first lady. A classic Jazz ballad with classy melodies.

Sunday Morning Santa Monica is perfect for a romantic evening or just to listen to it watching a sunrise.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Wen Mew
  • CD Title: Sunday Morning Santa Monica
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2009
  • Record Label: Talented Production
  • Tracks: Sues Sunrise, Sunday Morning Santa Monica, Lady Bs Bossa, Embrace Sal, Bossalero, First Lady Michelle Obama, Groovin with Kim, May Jan Mew, Lovely You, Living with Lady Haig, Robys Waltz, Mews Mood for Love
  • Musicians: Wen Mew (saxello), Michael Parlett (piccolo, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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