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This Is The Place by Organissimo

This Is The Place debuted near the top of the charts. Showing astounding musicianship, these master musicians are celebrating their second successful album. Their first, Waiting For The Boogaloo Sisters was an award winner with this trio's signature sound.

Still expanding their expertise, the group has drawn attention from disc jockeys and listeners across the country, with good reason. With eight original tunes plus Frank Zappa's "Peaches En Regalia" and the classic, "Tenderly," Organissimo takes listeners through complicated twists and turns with an all out display of talents on B-3, funky guitar fretting and ferocious percussion.

Percussion driven, "Wealthy Street" begins the album with nine full minutes of extreme, suspenseful, organic grooves, developing into a magnificent full organ experience.

Getting funky with "Greeze Monkey," the organ expands even more as Vitts breaks in with an astonishing percussive beat. Joe Gloss makes his guitar speak. Following with "Brother Ray," Randy Marsh hits heavy on harmonica--just as it should be for this soulful tune. Sharp interplay between organ and harmonica keep this a head noddin' -- toe tappin' heartfelt blues inspired blend deserving of the notoriety it has drawn across from the country.

"Smoking Section" is highlighted with Gloss' guitar, backed by Alfredson on the B-3. Gloss is definitely no stranger to variety as he walks his strings through fretful indulgence. Again, Alfredson shows mighty finger rolls on "Stomp Yo' Feets" while Gist takes the opportunity to blow hearty, staying in front until Gloss cuts in on guitar with his frenetic finger work.

A softer, gentler approach is taken with "Intro."

Bringing their audience to a completely different place with "Tenderly," the B-3 softens, mellows and moves gently, accompanied by a smooth percussion. Gloss lets his fingers gently carve out each note in a rich display of musicianship. This is another full nine minutes of pure pleasure. No, it doesn't get dull...each note is eagerly anticipated.

Organic riffs and full stretches on keyboard lead "Play Nice," which this group is doing already. Many textures. Lots of melody. Plenty of surprises. Turning to an honoring rendition of Frank Zappa's anthem, "Peaches En Regalia," the group shows no mercy as they knock out the toughest of tones, beginning with an organ call to listen-up.

Bringing the group home, "Pumpkin Pie," begins tenderly enough with organ walks. Gloss soon begins his cruise through the strings, adding rich tones, while the percussion keeps an even beat.

This may be the group's second award-winning album but it definitely won't be the last one. These fellows have what it takes and they know how to use it to draw listeners and to keep them.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Organissimo
  • CD Title: This Is The Place
  • Genre: Various Jazz Styles
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Big O Records
  • Musicians: Jim Alfredson: Hammond B-3, Joe Gloss: guitar, Randy Marsh: drums & harmonica (track 3). Special guests: Johnny Gist tenor saxophone (track 5), Bill Vits: percussion (tracks 2 & 7)
  • Rating: Five Stars
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