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Afro-Groove by Follow follow

The CD presents itself as the ultimate African urban music. So, I was ready for some joyous beats that would get my feet up and down the floor.

As expected the first tracks gave me the expected rhythmically infectious play. Follow Follow sure brings on a groovy mood. The musicians are very good; you can feel they are having fun in making music. The guitarists are instinctively up beating one another in their play and the passion of the saxophones really gets a grip on you.

But unfortunately after two tracks, you realize that the same is coming over and over again. It becomes monotone and there’s very little diversity in what they have to offer. The same beat and the same interlocking of the guitar play seem to be copied from one song to another. Except for "Mag Poo," a track composed by Maceo Parker and all the King’s Men, all tracks are quite alike and leave you with a hunger for something different after a while. The other tracks are composed by Fela Kuti, but still with a little bit of creativity and feel they could have explored some wider perspectives in their performance.

Over all, I’d say they are pretty good musicians, and it’s certainly a good concept. However, there is too little diversity in their music to my liking.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Follow follow
  • CD Title: Afro-Groove
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Ambu Productions
  • Tracks: Opposite, Eko Ile, Mr. Follow Gollow, Akom 7, Mag Poo, No Agreement, Forks of the Wa, Alu Jon Jonki Jon, Zombie
  • Musicians: Rainer Wiens and Cordell Henebury (guitarist), Jean Derome and Frank Lozano (Saxes), Thom Gossage (drummer) and Tommy Babin (bassist)
  • Rating: Two Stars
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