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Algo Más by Mark Weinstein - Cuban Roots

Veteran jazz musician Mark Weinstein, whose Latin Roots catapulted Latin jazz to new levels has struck again with his band, Cuban Roots, in Algo Más, an experimentation of improvisations and chanting with an incredibly tight Afro-Cuban drumming section serving as the foundation.

You need to sit back, relax, and close your eyes to truly experience the musical journey on which this CD will take you. Allow yourself to be serenaded upon departure by guitarist Jean-Paul Bourelly, and awaken in Cuba, Afro-Cuba, as Pedro Martinez chants paying homage to the god of crossroads and mediator Ellegua, accompanied by the soothing rhythms of the Batá drums.

Now that you are officially hooked, allow Weinstein to seep through with his flute that sings a beautiful melody complimenting the ensemble already present.

The second track, "Mis Consuelos (My Consulations)," penned by Weinstein, features the virtuoso on flute "singing" his interpretation of a popular rumba, "Consuelate Como Yo," using the rarely heard rumba rhythms of yambú as its base.

The bright and lively "Aguas de Ochún (Ochún’s Waters)" begins sweet and innocent, a delightful, old-fashioned tribute to Ochún, the goddess of love and then turns into a call and response, introducing modern rock music and incorporating that with traditional Afro-Cuban rhythms.

"Mamita Baila (Mamita Dances)" features a brilliantly played solo by bassist, Santi Debriano, accompanied by a seamless percussion section. The tune then evolves into and ends in non-stop, pure Afro-Cuban percussion.

The "Winds of Oyá" sweep you away to the land of mountains, Haiti, where Bourelly plays electric and eclectic guitar in "Jete Dlo (First Water)." Pedro Martinez, Nani Santiago, Gene Golden and Skip Burney elevate Bourelly’s playing in pulsating beats that are a mixture of rumba and merengue.

The CD ends with the title track, "Algo Más (Something More)" which is a jam among masters of their particular instrument.

Algo Más is definitely a musical journey worth taking many times because on each journey, you will find something new.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Mark Weinstein - Cuban Roots
  • CD Title: Algo Más
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: Jazzheads, Inc.
  • Rating: Four Stars
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