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Cuanto Tardaré by The Café Olé

The Café Olé blends jazz elements with a unique twist of Spanish flamenco music. Based in Toronto, Canada, The Café Olé’s debut CD Cuanto Tardaré is the result of a grant from the Ontario Arts Council, and has gained award-winning recognition in songwriting and Latin-Jazz categories. See their great website for upcoming events.

Cuanto Tardaré is a brilliant display of The Café Olé’s blend of soul, rhythm, and interplay. Bassist Dustin Shaskin, whose compositions dominate the CD, is joined by percussionist Diego Las Heras, pianist Scott Metcalfe, and vocalist Celia Palli to form the core of The Café Olé. The addition of Mike Murley on saxophone, flamenco guitarist Benjamin Barrile, and drummers Max Senitt and Mark Kelso complete the larger Flamenco-Jazz Band on Cuanto Tardaré. Diego Las Heras contributed the gorgeous title track, and Celia Palli’s lyrics are hauntingly beautiful, imaginative, and sung with angelic grace. Shaskin’s Mujer de Ojos Color Triste explores the distress and grief of lonely love, while Café Olé and Penta explode with rhythmic Latin-Jazz excitement. Powered by a rhythm section with great time and feel, stellar soloing abounds throughout the CD, particularly by Metcalfe and Murley.

The originality of The Café Olé’s compositions create a refreshing sound embracing the traditions that led the group to the inviting thrill of their CD Cuanto Tardaré. Like the city of Toronto, The Café Olé offers a diverse concoction of beauty and energy interwoven with heart wrenching lyrics and the often underutilized richness of flamenco music.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Café Olé
  • CD Title: Cuanto Tardaré
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2007
  • Record Label: Tika Records
  • Tracks: Cafe Ole, Mujer de Ojos Color Triste, Thick Red, Anillo de Oro, Amiga del Destino, Penta, Verde Libre, Cuanto Tardare, Casa Nueva Vida Nueva
  • Rating: Four Stars
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