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Distant Borders Revisited by Glen Helgeson and Axia Mundi

If one is worldly by nature, so will one's craft take similar form! Life’s current experiences mirror many times the events of the past. This is how I understood and appreciated the sound of Glen Helgeson. I got this feeling as I listened to the intro piece called "African Song," off of the 2006 release of guitarist Glen Helgeson and Axis Mundi labeled "Distant Borders Revisited," for it's an experience in jazz/world beat adventures.

This instrumental project offers numerous sounds to embrace, tooled by solid performers, each in their own right. Notice the guitar melodies throughout the disk that take you across the musical globe from Latino to Haitian cultures. "Distant Borders Revisited" is a musical travel log delivered to the listener via the world music and contemporary highway, however, never exposing the direction it's going. This diversion in delivery adds to the complexity of the performance.

The Helgeson mandolin is fervent as it introduces us to "A Wedding on Venus," with strong dramatic tones. The string behavior is crisp and precise, allowing the composition to tell a story, as the horn serenades the ambiance of the sounds together!

Along with Helgeson’s performance on "Distant Borders Revisited," are the guitar rhythms of Dean Magraw on "Sweet Ears." The vibes on his solo are an unexpected pleasure, with the vibrant arrangements offered for the cuts foundation.

Helgeson’s music and craft bond on this project to introduce a new dimension in the world music genre. Yes, this is an exploration of mind and music; a spin taking one to all corners of the globe musically, and with proficient guidance through composition and performance. Visit the Borders of Helgeson for the spin is not so distant!

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Glen Helgeson and Axia Mundi
  • CD Title: Distant Borders Revisited
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Glen Helgeson
  • Rating: Three Stars
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