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Live At Montreux 1986/1993 (DVD) by Al DiMeola

With acoustic guitar in hand, amid some midi-type EFX and reverb swashes, jazz-fusion guitar god Al DiMeola struts his flamenco and world-music expertise, throughout these 1986 & 1993 performances at the Montreux Jazz Fest.

During this 1986 performance, DiMeola goes it alone with his acoustic in front of a bedazzled audience. Demonstrating amazing speed and dexterity, the guitarist shines as a colorist, while also transmitting a nicely arranged balance between nuance and restraint. His muse is marked by gorgeous chord voicings and rippling single note runs. Hence, DiMeola combines brute strength with a penchant for dishing out bittersweet melodies. In addition, the cameramen purvey a sense of movement amid superimposed shots of his fret board atop wide angle images of him performing for the seemingly SRO venue.

The 1993 concert with his "World Sinfonia" trio marked DiMeola’s return engagement to Montreux. Here, drummer/percussionist Arto Tuncboyaciyan’s falsetto vocalizations capture sounds of an enchanted rainforest, to coincide with DiMeola and rhythm guitarist Chris Carrington’s Spanish tinged progressions. The band’s unplugged rendition of DiMeola’s ex-employer, pianist Chick Corea’s "No Mystery," makes for an intense showcase of the band’s disciplined tendencies. On this piece, the trio executes blazingly fast and articulate unison lines with the grace and effortless of a Condor in flight. And check out the musicians’ elegant spin on the late Tango master, Astor Piazzolla’s simply titled, "Tango Suite." Overall, this DVD should be deemed as required listening for serious students of the guitar, in addition to DiMeola’s rather expansive fan base. A mind-boggling viewing and listening experience, indeed!

Special DVD features include: 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound Audio, DTS 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo.

DVD Video, NTSC, Regions: 1, 4

Music DVD, 67 minutes

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