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My Harana: A Filipino Serenade by Charmaine Clamor

The breaking of tradition and direction of heart is a social constant which is well documented over centuries. The art of the serenade is lost somewhat but still a strong accent on the feeling within. The art is unearthed through the outstanding talents and vocal chi of Filipino vocalist Charmaine Clamor’s My Harana: A Filipino Serenade.

Unlike her past recordings, My Harana: A Filipino Serenade has several journeys of the heart, sung in numerous tongues. Ms Clamor delivers these serenades with all the ardent adornments they were originally written. She has again, faced a challenge, and redelivered her capacity to surprise with dramatic styling. My Harana is an expressionistic glimpse at what was once polished poetry of the heart.... the classic serenades!

"Dungawin Mo Hirang: look Outside, My Love" is a wonderfully melodic, enticing the lover to share a quick glance; for that is all the serenade’s appetite yearns to stay hungry for her love. Ms. Clamor tones brilliantly evoke that vying for affection, with her delivery. The strings of Richard Ickard are dynamic and throughout the CD, tender a calming experience for the listener.

Carved out of this spin is a stunning duet with special guest vocalist Mon David, who also offers his string manipulation to the task. "Minamahal Sinasamba: Loving You, Adoring You" offers the seductive coo of Ms Clamor with the ‘true to tone" delivery of Mr. David. The innovative approach of the duet works and well as two hearts compare notes of complexity in passion. An exceptional and profound spin!

My Harana: A Filipino Serenade is the quintessential wistful collection of moonlit romances. Ms Clamor’s diversity in craft and expression makes her one of very few that could deliver such a project. This young woman again proves to the industry that she is a polished performer who is on course for a titanic career of iconic measures.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Charmaine Clamor
  • CD Title: My Harana: A Filipino Serenade
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Free Ham Records
  • Tracks: Oh, Ilaw,Pakiusap,Mekeni King Siping Ku,Pamulianawen, Lahat Ng Araw, Minamahal, Sinasamba, Ay Kalisud, Malinac Lay Labi,Dungawin Mo Hirang,Matud Nila, Harana Sa Dilim, Labis
  • Musicians: Charmaine Clamor (vocals), Richard Ickard (guitar, bandurria, laud, kutiyapi, kulintang), Dominic Thiroux (bass), Gustavo Garcia (percussion), Mon David (guitar)
  • Rating: Four Stars
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