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Passion by rrrrrrRobin

The album is entitled Passion and the composer/violinist goes by the moniker rrrrrrRobin. What’s with all the extra R’s, you ask? Dunno. Maybe it’s a valiant attempt by the violinist/composer to overcome a shame stained life of stuttering by boldly embracing his pain? Maybe he’s related to Tony the Tiger? One thing is for sure. There were lots of palates taking a tongue bashing in that studio.

Seems rrrrrrRobin had a mighty bad accident before he laid down the tracks on this gig. Apparently, he was told his violin days were history. He proved’em wrong and made this disc. Since he’s pictured shoeless with tousled long hair on the back cover, I’d gather he’s living slightly large.

The music inside is a mixture of pop classical and synthesizer funk. Our rrrrrrRobin plays violin while chunks of light classical bounce of a chugging synth or two. There’s a guest or three, with an addition or two of differing musical voices giving the proceedings no slight variance. Heck, Bill Laswell is on the thing. Through it all, rrrrrRobin does his string thing. This is Passion on a lighter scale. Edges seemed sanded and grooves are stressed.

The music rrrrrrRobin makes will appeal to those who like their classical much sweetened by pop and white funk. Not much in the way of Jazz here. Our man is more Kenny G than Billy Bang. No sin in that, methinks. There’s a major attempt at broad appeal. Broad appeal wins the day. This is music for the winsome masses, something to move coffee patrons to more latte’. Maybe Mr. rrrrrrRobin will break down one day and make that skronk fest with a few Ayler acolytes he’s surely itching to do. Until then, those of us who prefer our angles sharp, our tunes atonal and our musicians miffed, will need to look some place other than Passion. Put it in the machine and take off your shoes.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: rrrrrrRobin
  • CD Title: Passion
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2004
  • Record Label: X-1Performance Records
  • Rating: Two Stars
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