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The New World Reveal-A-Solution by Shannon Harris

Shannon Harris' debut CD aspires to marry Urban, Afrikan, Gospel and World music in a very 'live' presentation with The New World Reveal-A-Solution

Melding vocals, a kicking Roland 808, woodwinds, bongos and sounds of nature, Harris takes the listener through a spiritual and musical experience.

Beginning the journey with a Sun Ra type explosion, The New World Reveal-A-Solution takes the listener to an inner journey during May God Be With U Always,with sounds of thunder, rain and wind.

Keyboard inspired, vocal enriched, Mizimu: Ancestral Spirits brings an African beat to the mix in a 'song from the village to the ghetto.'

A spirited sax joins the mix, getting the spirit into a new mood, just before the vocals take back the sound of Afrikan spiritual rhythm during this 12 minute journey. Sounds of nature, sultry sax and heated congos fill the background, keeping the listener drawn to the moment.

A throbbing back-beat coupled with sensuous vocal inflections make Keep On Reaching a funky, soul filled tune filled with hot trumpet solos.

Afro Cosmo fuses outer space with an Afro-rock using a galactic guitar, congas, and marimba patterns. Harris exclaims, "Whoa! Sun Ra meets Jimi Hendrix in outer space."

More than a musical production, Reveal-A-Solution is a soulful travel through time and nations. From a culture disturbed by forces outside itself to a re-emergence through sound, poetry and feelings.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Shannon Harris
  • CD Title: The New World Reveal-A-Solution
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2005
  • Record Label: Urbanicity
  • Rating: Five Stars
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