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Touch The Spirit by Rob Levit

The spirits are awakened upon hearing the first track, "Touch The Spirit," with ominous chanting in the back ground and melodic guitar in the foreground Levit introduces the listener to his own brand of a guitar serenade. With meditative chanting occurring and Spanish flavored guitar playing you get the impression that you are in another land. The song ends too soon, at just under 3 minutes you are just getting into it when it is finishing.

The CD is made up of 24 tracks, most are of the 1.5 to 2.5 minute variety. The songs all flow nicely from one song to the next and the overall theme is one of a spiritual nature, an awakening or coming of age. The track "Disjunction Blues" is an interesting take on the blues. Levit starts the song with blistering fast licks in an otherwise standard blues rhythm. During the body of the song he solos wildly, choppy, repetitive chords with triple time fills placed in between. The song ends on the beginning of the next song "Atonement" although at one and a half minutes it acts more as a bridge than a song.

The CD is very easy to listen to, interesting music that is thought provoking and well written. Other songs that I found particularly interesting were "Drum Wisdom" strings meets percussion in a flamenco, mid-east sounding theme that is very upbeat. The song "Borderland" an Indian sounding piece that explores electronic effects and creates vivid images of distant lands is another interesting world flavored song.

Levit is an accomplished guitar player and his compositions are interesting. The CD is primarily a solo guitar study of world music. Levit explores the methods and styles of playing acoustic and electric guitar in all different manner and form. If you enjoy excellent guitar playing and would like to join in an exploration of guitar form that knows no boundaries or labels then check out the CD Touch The Spirit by Rob Levit.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rob Levit
  • CD Title: Touch The Spirit
  • Genre: World Music
  • Year Released: 2006
  • Record Label: Symbol System Music
  • Musicians: Rob Levit (guitar, vocals, percussion)
  • Rating: Two Stars
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