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Women by Women of Jazz

"Guaranteed to make you feel good" is the catchphrase of this spin and it does not compromise that paved promise of emotional satisfaction!

Ten direct and delicate vocals emerge on this 2008 release from Putumayo World Music, as this compilation showcases the female psyche, draped in jazz appeal. The lyric-intense expressions of these fine tuned and silver-tongued sirens of American and Canadian pleasures.... resonate, agile within their game... exposed on stage.

Women of Jazz is a stunning palette of the feminine consciousness of cool!

The project seems to unearth the therapeutic sway and bonds the glue of the female journey through jazz. From the furiously adept Melody Gardot to the iconic elements of Etta James, these artists combined, showcase the range and depth of what made this genre. Women of Jazz is a societal foundation for decades in the feminine mystique.

Each stage has its own artful delight but some do stand out as "Pearls of Confidence." Della Griffin is just off the wall with her vocalize of "It Could Happen to You" which with her gravely delivery just melts the anguish off your shoulders.

Of course there is.... Etta James whose classic "Touch my Heart" explores an earthy edge, thus coming full circle with "Since I Fell for You." Alone, these two spins, allows a weekend of blues to become bandaged in hope!

I deal with compilations like most; I dissect with a fine sharpened scalpel; never letting up, always critical. Women in Jazz has spawned the adverse effect on my process of approach, I stand revitalized for we all can change, when the experience is naturally intoxicating.... This is another set of fine elixirs from vocal jazz scene thus far this season.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Women of Jazz
  • CD Title: Women
  • Genre: Jazz Vocals
  • Year Released: 2008
  • Record Label: Putumayo World Music
  • Rating: Four Stars
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