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2001 Verizon Music Festival

Verizon sponsored a free Music Festival Sunday September 30, 2001. The festival began at noon in Old Pasadena Central Park. In addition, Portions of proceeds from tickets sells from other, Verizon Festivals held in Los Angeles, September 28 thru October 2, 2001 will benefit victims of terrorist attacks. Collection centers were set up in Central Park where attendees could donate directly to the United Way Fund.

There were two stages, plenty of seats, and good music all afternoon. There was a mixed variety of music, jazz, blues, and salsa, which everyone enjoyed. Mr. Redman, by far was the favorite performance of the free festival. Redman and his quartet flew in from New York arrived at 4:00 a.m. the morning of the festival, a little apprehensive, but nevertheless, they made it. And, I personally could not have been happier as well as his loyalty admirers.

As Redman, and the rest of his quartet began to play in slow and mellow tones the audience seem to flow with the sedate mood of the moment. The next song, however, was tuned up a notch or two, with accomplished integrated arrangements exuding from Redman’s tenor saxophone that were skillfully supported by the other members of his quartet. Eric Harlan; Drummer, Aaron Goldberg; pianist, and Reuben Rogers; bassist, continued to articulate highly complex underlying schemes in combination, with Redman’s remarkable artistic abilities, to render poetic compositions in his music.

Redman, CD’s entitled, Beyond, released 2000 and Passage Of Time, which was released 2001, were by far two of his most creative and articulate contributions to the creation of jazz as we know it today. His wonderfully spirited musical style was in total command of his saxophone as he performed, "Leap Of Faith," from the former CD and "Our Minuet" from the latter. Redman has been very fortunate to work with plenty of notable and renowned musicians in his career, who quite naturally influenced him and helped, shape his musical artistry. "Miles Blues," the last number Redman choose to close out his set that afternoon, how perfect. Just when you though things couldn’t get any better. Redman preformed beautifully, articulately displaying his cunning ability to deliver such complex arrangements. The audience was truly treated to a great performance.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Joshua Redman
  • Venue: Old Pasadena Central Park
  • City State Country: Los Angeles, CA, USA
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