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A Heavenly Concert

Rinsethealgorithm, a high powered contemporary quintet of incredible keys, melodic bass, wicked drums and killer saxophone in digital format is excellent. To see them live in concert is exceptional. The bands recent engagement at Lula Lounge in Toronto was a special performance, promoting their new CD, Locutions. Under the leadership of electric bassist Rich Brown, Rinsethealgorithm performed two sets, about twelve songs, the complete CD, plus a couple of new tunes.

The show started with the opener from Locutions, "Urban Nocturnal". A very trippy intro with synthesized sounds creating wave like modulations. The drums are played as a percussion workshop with woodblock sounds and cymbals as chimes. The song begins in earnest; the alto saxophone of Luis Deniz comes on strong and grabs your attention. The drummer is featured on a powerfully exciting solo. With flash powder dynamics and speed demon agility Larnell Lewis shows off some incredible polyrhythmic drumming that is wildly entertaining.

The piano for the first song is played by David Virelles; his playing is a mix of tender chords and refined accompaniment. Rich Brown lays down a solid walking bass line with grand tones and full harmonic sustain that floats majestically and carries the tune gracefully forward.

The next song would see pianist Robi Botos join the band with Virelles moving over to synthesizer. The two keyboard players work in tandem, their interaction a joy to behold. They finish each others statements, they blend to create a full sound, they provide dynamics that create a great synergy.

The songs are well crafted, with catchy hooks and smooth ear appealing tones. The song "Soothe the Machinery" featuring guest vocalist Yvette Tollar is classically modern. She sings of the worlds plight through angelic voice while the band provides suspenseful rhythms in double time. The bassist Rich Brown in melodic support plays in sumptuous tones that sound as mournful cries to heed the warnings.

The show was a musical best of the year, an outstanding performance by a super group. Lula Lounge is a great venue. The sound, the food, the wine, the ambiance all contribute to making this one of the best clubs in Toronto. A heavenly way to spend a Sunday.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Rinsethealgorithm
  • Concert Date: 11/2/2008
  • Venue: Lula Lounge
  • City State Country: Toronto
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