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Groov'in For Grover

It was a treat to attend this concert at the Historic Pabst Theater to listen to jazz super stars Gerald Albright, Richard Elliott, Jeff Lorber, and Paul Taylor. This was a perfect venue to celebrate the life of a classy jazz artist, Grover Washington Jr. A wonderfully diverse crowd gathered to experience the awesome concert ahead.

As the concert began, Jeff Lorber came on stage first and introduced Paul Taylor, Paul then introduced Richard Elliott, and then Richard introduced Gerald Albright. Gerald then told the audience about the format. The first set consisted of songs written or covered by the fabulous four artists from their most popular releases, and the second set was all about Grover Washington Jr. Both sets went on for about an hour each. It was awesome.

Paul played first with the backup group, which included Nathan East on bass guitar. They played Run Away and On The Move. The sound mix continued to improve for the first few tunes and by the time Richard came to the stage and played Crush with his famous tenor sax the audience was already screaming and standing on their feet.

When Richard played his famous cover You Make Me Feel So Good the crowd was already up to full speed. Richard then introduced Gerald Albright who played his soulful alto sax through a very smooth My My My. The mixture of tunes was excellent and fit well with the format as Jeff Lorber did a great job of blending and providing continuity.

Gerald introduced a new CD called Kicking It Up by playing a great song, To The MAX. Jeff, a Narada artist, then played Gigabyte accompanied by Gerald on tenor sax. The whole group entered the stage to finish the set with another Lorber cover, Ain’t Nobody But You. Lorber needed to get out from behind the upright keyboards for this one so he strapped on his "guitar-like" keyboard for the grand finale to the first set. The audience responded with enthusiasm and appreciation.

The second set began with Soulful Strut played on soprano sax by Paul and Gerald. Richard played Inner City Blues masterfully on tenor sax, followed by the very, very mellow alto sax of Paul Taylor. Wow this was some really cool stuff.

Gerald and Richard then received a standing ovation for Black Forrest. It was beginning to feel like Grover was in the room. I only had the pleasure of hearing him one time live, on Catalina Island. It was a treat and this brought back a lot of wonderful memories of that evening.

In a dueling fashion Paul and Richard played Can You Dig It and the crowd began to stand and clap to the music for the rest of the evening. This was great. Anyone that gets the chance to hear this concert really should, especially if you loved Grover like most jazz listeners did.

Gerald played Wine Light next then everyone came to the stage again for the finale of Mr. Magic. All again played, all the audience stood to give their applause. Everyone played the encore, On The Cusp. At this point a jam session ensued. Wow, what a night. Most people were exhausted by now, but everyone was very appreciative of a great performance by a great group of musicians.

I was awfully happy to be there.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Paul Taylor
  • Concert Date: 3/25/2004
  • Venue: Pabst Theater
  • City State Country: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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