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Groovin' with Shirley Horn and Ahmad Jamal

Saturday evening was the crowning night of the SF Jazz Festival for me for two great jazz legends of our time were performing at the Masonic Auditorium, Shirley Horn and Ahmad Jamal. Shirley's set opened differently than it had in the past. George Mesterhazy replaced Shirley on the piano, Eddie Howard replaced the late Charles Ables on "the baas" (as Shirley would say) and her old faithful, Steve Williams was on the drums. They warmed up the crowd with an instrumental. Shirley was then wheeled on stage and greeted with a loud applause. Always graceful and glamorous, she looked wonderful as she opened with "All Or Nothing At All." Despite not being at the piano (due to a foot amputation earlier this year), Shirley was still very much in charge and kept her trio under her spell. She flowed through such gems as "How Am I To Know", "A Time For Love", and "Come In From The Rain." She gave a very playful and sensual rendition of "Fever." The highlight of the evening was her poignant rendition of The Beatles' classic, "Yesterday." There was such a silence that fell over the room, you could hear her every breath. It was very moving. She closed with her signature song, "Here's To Life" and as wonderful as she was, I look forward to the day when she is back at the helm of her Steinway piano.

I had the pleasure of seeing Ahmad Jamal perform last year at Yoshi's so I knew we would be in for a treat. He commands his piano like no other and brings each note to life. He and his trio came on stage and Ahmad Jamal slowly walked to the piano. When he sat down and struck the keys, he came to life with such vibrant energy that he would jump up in the middle of a song. Idris Muhummad on drums and James Cammack on bass rounded out his trio. Ahmad's exuberant performance included "In Search Of" and his classic "Ponciana." I especially enjoyed how Ahmad and his trio would shift effortlessly through tempos depending on how many fingers he would hold up. It was truly a great performance.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Shirley Horn
  • Concert Date: 11/2/2002
  • Venue: Masonic Auditorium
  • City State Country: San Francisco, CA
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