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India Arie at UCLA --- Royce Hall

India Aries’ performance at UCLA’s Royce Hall was simply amazing Thursday evening. Arie sung beautifully in her "Brown Skin," a top ten song from her first platinum CD Acoustic Soul. Arie vast musical styles can sometimes range from Neo Soul, R&B with a pop flavor and drippings of smooth jazz vibes.

Arie performed an array of songs from her first CD as well as her latest platinum CD Voyage To India, which she won two Grammy Awards. "Vagina Monologue," a song Arie wrote for an upcoming CD is an up beat tune which, Arie gives a very vivid and obvious meaning and message behind her lyrics. Arie took a moment in time to reflect on her music and admits that’s the way God works through her from life experiences-no wonder her songs are so, real-you felt as if you have lived them yourself. Arie songs are deep with raw emotion that often tells a story that someone somewhere can relate to.

Arie was very relaxed and mellow; she seemed to have a great connection with her audience as she revealed some very comical anecdotes regarding her first tour as the opening act for Sade. Also, an interesting account of her french bulldog which she named Sade. Throughout her performance Arie continued to delight and entertain her audience with various body movements and gyrations as she danced and twirled around the stage to show off her outfit. She then removed a portion of clothing to reveal a back-less top as the audience appreciated the flirtatious energy and interaction that Arie displayed.

Arie a native of Denver, Colorado and raised in Atlanta, Georgia from the age thirteen she began playing the guitar after graduating high school and somewhere along the way she picked up the flute and plays quite well-for a novice. As Arie reputation grew in Georgia she retained a loyal following and soon cut a CD of a collection of her first songs. However, she soon signed with Motown after she was given the assurance of artistic control. Is there any wonder why India Arie is one of the true originative singer/songwriter of the 21st century? There is no doubt that Arie is an artist with great creative qualities that truly defines her most inter-soul, with a hypnotic stage presence that draws her audience in and holds their attention throughout her performance as she shares her heart felt lyrics in song.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
  • Concert Date: 7/1/2004
  • Subtitle: Presented by: Verizon Music Festival
  • Venue: Royce Hall - UCLA
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