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Take 6 One

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Ten-time Grammy and ten-time Dove winners, TAKE 6, (Claude McKnight, Mark Kibble, Joel Kibble, Dave Thomas, Alvin Chea and Khristian Dentley) have a lot to be grateful for as they celebrate their 25th Anniversary with the release of their new album One. There is only ONE quintessential acapella group and it's Take 6!
"Goodbye To Yesterday" is the debut single from Incognito's 15th album Surreal. Bandleader Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick recalls the genesis of the song, "Goodbye To Yesterday" featuring Mo Brandis, who also co-wrote and co-produced the track with me, was the by-product of two creative minds a generation apart, proves that great melodies and well crafted lyrics hold the key to creations that have a timeless quality to them. This song could have easily been sung by Steve Winwood in the 60's, Stevie Wonder in the 70's, Michael Jackson in the 80's, George Michael in the 90's. The catchy horn lines arranged…

Time in Transit

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Time in Transit's self-titled release features ten original compositions by New York-based saxophonist Glenn White. Time in Transit features White with New York notables Casper Gyldensoe (guitar), Dmitry Ishenko (bass), and Rob Mitzner (drums). An exciting balance of modern jazz harmonies with melodic and rhythmic influences from rock and beyond, Time in Transit's music is the statement of four skilled, creative musicians reaching beyond their individual voices, giving strength to a cohesive collective.
For Vancouver jazz artist Colleen Savage, an invitation to headline a concert and workshop at Louisiana's Tulane University last February came with an offer no musician could refuse: an opportunity to record with players active in the New Orleans jazz scene.
The resurgence of Mothers Favorite Child is upon us but not before its creator, Paris Toon, reintroduces himself and his “child” as only he can . . . through real, raw, MUSIC. The Paris Toon recording project, enigmatically titled, “Baptism by Fire,” is a portion of a life narrated by Mothers Favorite Child. MFC is and has always been a musical collective, whimsically constructed by intuition and nurtured by divine talent. This is a movement on a mission to expose truth in sounds and words. TRUTH - minor and major, raucous and romantic, soulful and . . . spiritual. The…
Dear jazzreview music community - Just this August my debut, 'Cycles Of Fusion' was released. The music style blends elements of jazz, rock, blues, and funk into groove-based compositions featuring retro/vintage keyboards & atmospheric soundscapes over loop/sample-based rhythm section arrangements. I have made the track "Eternal Boundaries" available here for free download. Hope you'll enjoy it.
Singer and songwriter Nicci Canada presents her debute album "Twenty Twelve", available now on all digital media. Her newest smash, entitled "Attraction", which showcases her sultrier and sensual side; is a follow up to her first single "Love" and you literally cannot get enough!
A life long musical journey began when Dave picked up his first guitar at age five. The journey continued in earnest when he began his professional music studies at Berklee College Of Music where he received double Bachelor of Arts degrees in Jazz Composition and Music Production & Engineering. As a master guitarist and composer his original compositions embody a unique blend of rhythms, harmonies and musical textures. His music transcends traditional Latin music by combining jazz elements with acoustic and electric instruments, while introducing new Latin Fusion grooves.
Steve grew up in Palo Alto, CA. Playing guitar and performing in bands, he decided that music was to be his life's calling. Early on he became a huge fan of blues artists BB King, Bobby "Blue" Bland and Little Junior Parker. He found these artists when he discovered radio station KWBR AM from Oakland. KWBR was 1000 watts of genuine lo-fi mono soul music that left a huge footprint in the Bay Area music scene.
Hello jazzreview music community! I am keyboard and electric guitar player Chris Rossi out of the Boston, Mass. area. Just this August my debut, 'Cycles Of Fusion' was released. The music style blends elements of jazz, rock, blues, and funk into groove-based compositions featuring retro/vintage keyboards & atmospheric soundscapes over loop/sample-based rhythm section arrangements. I have made the track "Reflection" available here for you all to download and hopefully enjoy.
Says one Carolina newbie to one Carolina native, “Dang! I knew it would be hot in the Summer down here, but I had no idea that it would get even hotter at night!!” Meteorologically speaking, there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon.

Nommo by Ferit Odman

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A dynamic debut album from Turkish jazz drummer "Ferit Odman" featuring the finest names in New York jazz scene today. Brian Lynch (trumpet), Vincent Herring (alto-sax), Peter Washington (bass). Hard-bop with no apologies..
The dynamic, instantly recognizable and captivating voice of Kim Burrell is undeniably one of the most powerful voices in music today. Her unrivaled instrument, impeccable musicianship and ability to tap into the human experience and emotion has made her a favorite across genre and within the musician community. Kim is one of the few artists to be revered in both the spiritual and secular worlds. The Grammy-Award nominated and Stellar Award winning singer has collaborated with artists as diverse as Harry Connick Jr. and funk master George Clinton. In the middle, there's R. Kelly, Stevie Wonder and Gospel's First Lady,…
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