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Due to her being based in northern California, Jessica Williams is a bit underrated, but (on evidence of her sets for Jazz Focus and Hep) she is one of the top jazz pianists of today. Williams is a powerful virtuoso whose complete control of the keyboard, wit, solid sense of swing, and the influence of Thelonious Monk have combined to make her a particularly notable player. She started taking piano lessons when she was four and was gigging as a teenager. Williams took extensive classical lessons...
Born in Jersey City, NJ, and raised in the small towns of Rowland, Marion, and Laurinburg, NC, Bryant Thompson is a spiritual and versatile producer, songwriter, musician and engineer. Bryant operates in excellence and performs each task from the heart.Bryant studied classical piano at Brevard College and studied recording engineering at the Art Institute of Atlanta. He quickly began carving his niche in Atlanta's independent recording community by becoming an apprentice of Marcus Williams, who is a professional drummer, studio owner and the Editor In Chief of Urban Drummer Magazine.
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