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Nice Talk by The Hot @ Nights

The Hot @ Nights "Nice Talk" The Hot @ Nights "Nice Talk"

Says one Carolina newbie to one Carolina native, “Dang! I knew it would be hot in the Summer down here, but I had no idea that it would get even hotter at night!!” Meteorologically speaking, there is a scientific explanation for this phenomenon. But as far as the Raleigh-based exploratory jazz trio called The Hot at Nights, there is no explanation for them. 8-string guitar virtuoso Chris Boerner leads the group, with Matt Douglas on sax/woodwinds and Nick Baglio on drums. The group melted together in Boerner’s studio over the many sweltering evenings of Summer, 2010. Though largely improvisational, the group’s compositions pull from contemporary songwriters, classic funk, pop, rock, and of course the electric avant garde stylings that have spanned the last 30 years of contemporary jazz. Complex rhythms can quickly transform into head-bobbing groove fare. Simple melodies coaxed by all three players can explode into cacophonous meteor showers at the drop of a dime. Their limits go as high as the stratosphere and deep into the Earth’s mantle. Both of which keep them sweating... even after the sun goes down.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: The Hot @ Nights
  • CD Title: Nice Talk
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Record Label: Self Released
  • Musicians: Chris Boerner - 8 string guitar Matt Douglas - woodwinds Nick Baglio - drums
  • Days to Feature: Forever
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