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Paris Toon: Brooklyn Baby

The resurgence of Mothers Favorite Child is upon us but not before its creator, Paris Toon, reintroduces himself and his "child" as only he can . . . through real, raw, MUSIC. The Paris Toon recording project, enigmatically titled, "Baptism by Fire," is a portion of a life narrated by Mothers Favorite Child. MFC is and has always been a musical collective, whimsically constructed by intuition and nurtured by divine talent. This is a movement on a mission to expose truth in sounds and words. TRUTH - minor and major, raucous and romantic, soulful and . . . spiritual. The man behind the music is Paris Toon, producer, lyricist, composer and driving force of all that he engages in. Paris ritualistically defaults to his "gut" when the time comes to gather musicians and give birth to new songs. This is the method to his rarely observed madness. Since Mothers Favorite Child is a product of this method, it is only natural that its musicians and vocalists would be chosen to provide the soundtrack to the more deeply shaded thoughts of Paris Toon, the man. The music of the Paris Toon project revolves around the mother of all emotions, Love. As many individuals have experienced, love can fuel so many other emotions and sensations and it can also take many shapes, sometimes making it vulnerable to misinterpretation. Lust, mistrust, admiration, honesty, intensity . . . these are all stops along the way on this journey through a human soul. This is a true "Baptism by Fire".

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Paris Toon feat. Mothers Favorite Child
  • CD Title: Baptism by Fire
  • Genre: Soul / Funk Jazz
  • Record Label: Island/ Def Jam
  • Musicians: Paris Toon - producer, Dowell Davis, Jamarl Baker - drums, Alex Kyhn, Fred Thomas, Kent Phillips, Dallas Huber - bass, Ted Belledin, Rachel Eckroth - keys, Morris, Tanya Thillet, Jennifer Browne - vocals.
  • Days to Feature: 6 Months
"Baptism by Fire" Paris Toon Matt Bertram & Ryan Cordell
Paris Toon


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