Rain Dance Live

Gregg Rolie Releases "Rain Dance Live" July 18th

If you like jazz, and rock with a latin essence, the Gregg Rolie Band has a CD for you! Gregg Rolie’s Rain Dance Live is well worth adding to your collection, particularly if you’re a follower of Santana, and Journey. Gregg Rolie was a founding member of both legendary groups, and the good vibes continue here, with the voice of Black Magic Woman's self titled band leader himself.

Tracks include Jingo (bop bop) Going Home, No One To Depend On, The Years Go Passing By, Evil Ways, Across The Water, "Give It To Me," Soul Sacrifice, "Black Magic Woman," Gypsy Queen, "Oye Como Va," and Bailamos el Son.

Oye Como Va is as crisp as ever. The Gregg Rolie band is bbbbbbbbbbad to the bone! Gregg Rolie’s been on the music scene since Woodstock, if you can believe it, working hard to build a reputation of precision. Discover this artist if you’re not familiar, and recapture your youth if you rocked with Journey, and jammed with Santana. It’s magic.

He’s surrounded by a dynamic group of musicians that enhance his style.

You can listen up at www.greggrolie.com

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Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Gregg Gregg Rolie
  • Event Date: 7/18/2011
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