Veteran Journalist MuzikMan Joins New Online Magazine For The Arts


February 21, 2004-Melomag is an online magazine devoted to the preservation of creative quality art form from around the world.

Founded in Vancouver, Canada - Melomag aims to inform and educate readers about the latest in world & contemporary art, music, theatre, fashion, poetry and other various art forms.

* Melomag features revealing and informative articles, reviews, music samples and images.

* Melomag plans to bring the world to the reader and introduce the reader to the world.

* Melomag get its content through submissions from countries spanning all over the globe including United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Russia, China, most of Eurasia and North America.

* Melomag gives aspiring journalists the opportunity to express themselves internationally.

Since 1998, MuzikMan has been covering Independent and Major acts through reviews, interviews and articles. With his recent alliance with Melomag, the journalist will be providing his online content that will help the e-zine to become one of the leading online portals for the arts and the people that create it.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Unknown
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