Jump in for a p-ART-y with Stuck

June 28, 2002

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Jump in for a p-ART-y with STUCK
on Friday, July 19th at Midnight, The Izzy Bar, NYC

Follow the Funk and let the sound of STUCK seduce your ears. What Chisa (voice), Pat Cahill (Chapman Stick and trumpet), Matt Pavolka (electric and acoustic bass), Alex Fortuit (drums) and Loui Terrier (percussion) bring to the stage is a surprisingly different, eclectic sort of style.

Think of diving into a glass of champagne, exploring delicious sonic miracles with every bubble. Ride a STUCK groove to a non-stop surprise: churning from odds to evens, pitching forward or swaggering back the grooves of STUCK always invite you to jump in and p-ART-y!

With an intellectual twinkle the New York based band makes merry with nearly all imaginable genres. Flirting with Ornette-ish jazzy melodies while jaunting around Stevie Wonder’s funky rhythms, they bring sounds to life which might be the long awaited answer to Bowie’s Starman trip-hopping through the sky and inviting us to dance our way to the sparkling stars.

Flying over groovy, funky basslines, voice and trumpet jump-start into amazingly artistic riffs. But despite these extraordinary vocal acrobatics you can always find Chisa ringing your tinkerbell. As she started her stage-career as a dancer and choreographer in the downtown scene she likes to spice up her show with miraculous moves, bursting Puck-ishly into the audience any chance she gets.

While Chisa is the prankster muse of STUCK, Pat Cahill takes the part of the thinker and maker. He composes most of STUCK’s music, combining fast-and-furious melodies with 20th-century harmonies and all manner of odd synthesized noise. With his trumpet on a stand, and with his fingers flying over the 12-strings of his midi Chapman Stick "Cahill is breaking new ground with a mixture of innovative experimentalism and winning accessibility" (Rob Abrams, The Musician’s Exchange). This is what gives STUCK the potential to be one of the most interesting bands you’ll ever p-ART-y with.

Experience for yourself the p-ART-y that’s been gaining an ever-stronger following at Manhattan bars and Williamsburg artspaces.

Jump in and join the STUCK p-ART-y on Friday, July 19th from Midnight to 3:30 am at Izzy Bar (166 1st Ave, nr 10th Street, 212-288-0444, $10, over 21 only)

STUCK’s new CD "We’re STUCK" is due for release in September 2002. A demo CD and promo kit are available now on request.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Stuck
  • Event Date: July 19 at Midnight
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