Indigo Invention Group Announces Debut CD & Release Party

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BOSTON, MA - The Indigo Invention Group, led by composer/storyteller/saxophonist Hans Spencer Indigo, proudly announces the July release of their debut recording, First Storybook (Indigo Inventions) and its CD release party at Boston’s Ryles Jazz Club on Wednesday, July 24th. The Boston-based ensemble has performed together for the past three years since being created for Indigo’s Masters recital at New England Conservatory in 1999. Drawing on diverse influences like Laurie Anderson, Pink Floyd, Maria Schneider, and John Cage, Indigo creates original compositions that combine a spoken word narrative with modern 12-piece jazz orchestra arrangements and other conceptual elements.

"I have a definite need for creating scenarios that balance improvisation against something very fixed," explains Indigo, who uses his experience composing for theater, working in children’s shows, and performing live spoken word with multimedia devices to enhance his large group jazz compositions. "I really value the balance of improvisation to composition that you hear in composers like Bob Brookmeyer, Maria Schneider, and Gil Evans. It creates a situation that allows an improviser to ride up and down on it. As a listener, that for me is a very satisfying thing. Hearing them taught me my voice could speak through jazz."

The 26 tracks on the new disc make up six larger compositions that are themselves part of the group’s larger on-going narrative. Indigo, an avid cyclist and veteran of the BMI Jazz Composers Workshop and studies with Brookmeyer, originally devised his stories riding around Boston seven years ago and fantasizing about creating the perfect human powered vehicle. "I often felt that there’s almost an underworld of people who believe in bicycles," he says. "I started by writing about my experiences riding my bike through the city and as I did characters emerged, like renegade bicycle messenger, Thomas Weaver, and this very proper inventor who is busily inventing marvelous bicycles. That led me into the group’s other themes which are the idea of inventions and the primacy of the ear. Bach wrote inventions and Thomas Edison made inventions, so invention is a very open thing we can put our ideas into. The characters in the stories combine the two themes by exploring what it would be like to invent things in a world made of sound."

First Storybook is available through More information is available at The group performs at Ryles Jazz Club on Wednesday, July 24th at 8:30pm. Tickets are $8 and available by calling (617) 876-9330.

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