Renown Clarinetist Harry Skoler On The Move


Renown Clarinetist Harry Skoler

On The Move

A handful of notable accolades and endorsements have been added to the ever lengthy and impressive resume of Jazz Clarinetist Harry Skoler. Genre aficionados already know Skoler, an Assistant Professor of Woodwinds at Berklee College of Music in Boston, from his numerous acclaimed recordings, including Conversations in the Language of Jazz and Reflections on the Art of Swing: A Tribute to Benny Goodman.

Now, Applied Microphone Technology has added Skoler to their list of artist endorsers. Skoler uses the AMT WS Double Clarinet Microphone System in performance, a high-end system that has enhanced Skoler1s sweet sound on stage.

"I have searched for thirty years to find a microphone that communicates the exact nuances I hear in my mind," says Skoler. "AMT's system is the only one that has made this happen! I was honored they contacted me to endorse their product, and I was thrilled beyond description when the sound was exactly what I have been searching for. I think that this marriage was something that was simply meant to be."

In addition, Skoler received an honor in the literary field. Not that he served as a book author. Skoler’s artistry will be included in an anticipated ten-volume method book on the art of the clarinet. The series, a collaboration between respected Italian music professor Gianluca Campagnolo and Rose Sperrazza of the International Clarinet Association, will feature chapters on great clarinetists past as well as sections written by today's best players. An article Skoler penned will be featured in Volume 10, which presents the artistry and methods of today's most significant players.

The musician was enthusiastic when contacted by Campagnolo. "To have someone half a world away write me to ask to be included in his book was both an honor and a challenge," he says. "The composing of the article I sent, about the pursuit of artistry, seemed to unfold effortlessly. I remember the books I studied when I was a kid, and the positive influence they had on me. To be included in a book at this point in my life is a responsibility and an honor, and I am very thankful for it."

Icing on the cake came in the form of a review of Skoler's latest disc, A Work of Heart (Brownstone Recordings). Jazz critic Luigi Sidero calls Skoler's work "magnificently clothed," one "not residing in the house of exploration and technology, but rather in a residence of attractive simplicity."

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

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