Waz Up! January 2001

Greetings to y'all and happy 2k2! It is our hope that this will be the year that we find peace amongst all the nations. We will do our part to help back up that vibe through the message we send out through the music we play. We hope to inspire you to greater heights through our sound this year.

As we evolve and meet the challenges that need to be met, our sound continues to move-groove-and-improve. You can expect the high energy shows you're accustomed to from The Waz with some surprises this year! Long cold winters in Buffalo find us indoors quite a bit and alot of that time is being spent in the "woodshed" honing our craft and writing new material. These new tunes are now being presented to you and with enthusiastic approval! Thanks for the encouragement! We're still playing tunes from 4x3, and Organigalactic (both of which we hope you have in your music collection ;-) however, we've got something new to say and that's what you'll find us out playing at the following venues during a "light" winter tour schedule. Groove On!!
JANUARY 17th (Thursday) - THE KNITTING FACTORY, NYC, NY - FUNK-OFF w/FREELANCE BISHOPS! www.freelancebishops.com! Come Funk-it-up while both bands share the stage and answer & call your FUNK needs - w/huge jam at close of the show! Share the brotherhood onstage! 10pm show time! Opening act JSAN from NYC (Soulful Groove!) Tickets only $10 for all three bands! For more info, call The Knitting Factory at 212-219-3006 or visit their website at www.knittingfactory.com
JANUARY 19th (Saturday) - VALENTINE'S, 17 New Scotland Ave., Albany, NY 518-432-6572 - www.valentinesalbany.com! Come Funk-it-up with The Waz! For more info, call Valentine's Music Hall at 518-432-6572 or visit their website at www.valentinesalbany.com
FEBRUARY 9th (Saturday) - WINTER CARNIVAL in SARANAC LAKE @ THE WATERHOLE #3, 43 Main Street, Saranac Lake, NY Showtime 10pm 518-891-9502
FEBRUARY 16th - (Saturday) Full Moon Alternative Mountain Resort Oliverea, NY 9pm show time 'til close! 845-254-4134, $10 cover charge at the door SKI WEEKEND with THE WAZ at the most amazing alternative mountain resort - THE FULL MOON - located just 25 miles West of Woodstock, NY! Downhill, cross country ski or snowboard after enjoying the heartiest of breakfasts at this incredibly warm and positive vibe ridden resort in the Catskills - then get ready to BOOTY ROMP the night away with an all out Ethno- fusion Funk Jazz filled evening with THE WAZ! Make sure to get yourselves a room for the weekend with your loved one as it's Valentine's Day weekend, and a 3 day weekend at that, due to President's Day! Come on out and share the positive vibe!
FEBRUARY 17th - (Sunday) Conduit Trenton, NJ All day - w/The Waz as final act at 10pm 'til close! $18 in advance/$20 at the door, Call 215.336-2000 to charge by phone. Tix also available through Ticketmaster Agents and The Urban Word in Trenton, NJ. PRESIDENT'S DAY BALL! All day extravaganza blow-out music event! THE WAZ with UNCLE SAMMY and 4 other bands! The Waz ends the evening with their set time at 10pm, but come for the whole day, folks, as there'll be plenty of booty rompin', funky bands jammin' the whole day through for this 3 day weekend celebration! Check Trenton's hottest club's website at www.Conduitmusic.com site for more info! Where they care about THE MUSIC!!! Get tickets EARLY!
FEBRUARY 18th (President's Day-Monday) - TBD

Check www.thewaz.com, or www.jambase.com for all the latest on dates, as we will be adding some shows as the weather improves.
And lastly, we would like to present some of the press that we've been receiving lately!:
From Jambands.com:
4 x 3 EP - The Waz Paul L. Pearson 2001-12-19 self-released
Bridging the gap between the dance floor and groove-oriented funky jazz, the Waz even has fans in TV's New Jersey mafia. Is the "4 x 3" EP an offer you can't refuse? Likely. Based out of Buffalo, NY, the brainchild of David Wasik is up and running strong with its third release. Touting a full sound described by the band as "ethno- fusion, funk, soul and acid jazz", the Waz brings a mixture that is both pleasing and upbeat, with just a hint of psychedelia. It's cool enough that Dominic Chianese - who plays Junior Soprano on HBO's "The Sopranos" - joined the Waz on stage at the Knitting Factory in August. This four-song EP is a tasty teaser for what promises to be a good full-length release. While only recorded as a three piece, the Waz is currently playing as a five piece with guitarist Matt Bush adding color, and Eric Storms DJing. A unique CD case design that boasts the use of cardboard material over plastic, however, does seem to detract from the overall professionalism of the package -- while functional and environmentally friendly, it simply looks cheap.
What isn't cheap, however, is the musicianship. Wasik and upright bassist Edgar Henderson lay down a solid tight pocket, driving the jazzy bus and allowing frontman Eric Crittenden free melodic reign on keys and saxophone. It is the funk-laden keys that really define the sound of Booty, with the sax wailing appropriately. Crittenden adds some spoken/sung vocals to T-Lo, which features a bit more soulful funk groove and a nice sax break. So Su Di is purely jazz with Henderson's exquisite walking under Crittendon's piano. Le Crunge is another key-driven funk jam that gets a bit spacey and extends past five minutes over Wasik's jazz rhythm. These songs are fit for live performances in sweaty, smoky jazz clubs with room for improvisation, but will leave more mainstream listeners wondering what exactly is going on.
It's difficult for me to classify this EP by anything other than its main influences --funky jazz. I don't know if it's clearly distinguishable from other bands like MMW, which it most resembles. However, that doesn't take anything away from it on the enjoyability side. The musicianship is clearly excellent. If you like it funky, jazzy and groovy -- then check this one out.

From The Buffalo News Gusto Section:
The weather By TONI RUBERTO Buffalo NEWS STAFF 1/4/2002
Everyone will have a story to share about the recent "snowfall." Here's a musical one. THE WAZ was one of the many bands that had concerts snowed under by the inclement weather. But last Friday, after a few days stuck in the house, the musicians decided enough was enough.
Drummer David Wasik had been shoveling snow for days knowing he'd have to get out by Friday for a gig in Milestone's in Rochester. "Little did I know how much snow there was going to be and that there would be a travel ban accompanying the amount of snow that had fallen," Wasik said. "By the time Friday rolled along, I had serious cabin fever. I just wanted to bust out and play."
Learning that Route 104 was open in Lockport - a road that led straight to Rochester - the group hit the highway and were greeted by about 200 fans. "It was such a great feeling to make that gig, and people really embraced us that night," a grateful Wasik said.

From Musictoday.com:
The Waz - 4 x 3 EP (WAZ Records)
Drummer David "The Waz" Wasik defines his musical vision for the group that bears his name like this: "ethno- fusion, funk, soul, and acid jazz." He forgot to mention Latin and rock. 4 x 3 EP, the group's newest release, contains a little bit of everything in its quest to unite the worlds of jazz and jam band music.
4 x 3 begins in fine acid jazz form with "Booty," a song that rides on an Edgar Henderson bass line and bursts with energy. "T-Lo" comes next, showing off a tightly hewn unit-keys grinding, bass bumping, drums slinging triplets like a Waffle House waitress dishing out hash browns (smothered and covered, of course). Although "T-Lo" is a bit cheesy ("This song is dedicated to all the fine Scorpios"), the Waz knows how to swing and saxophonist/keyboardist Eric Crittenden is not a bad singer at all. The trio's Latin streak comes out of the closet in "So Su Di," a freight train of a song that features Wasik's most versatile and impressive percussion work; the track bounces from a supremely polyrhythmic semi-salsa assault to a brief excursion into the deepest realms of bebop jazz and then quickly into a straight jam that lasts all of four measures. The EP's most interesting cut, however, is "Le Crunge," an organ-funk take on Led Zeppelin's "The Crunge" (Houses Of The Holy). Wasik's stutter-step drumming, Crittenden's aggressive keyboard chops, and the all-out fusion break compensate adequately for those Zep fans who miss Robert Plant's croaked "Has anybody seen the bridge?"
As a matter of fact, I've seen the bridge-the bridge between jazz and rock, that is. This is not to say that the connection hasn't been made before (Miles Davis ring a bell?), but David Wasik and the Waz have entertainingly erected another means of travel, albeit a short one, between these two oft-connected worlds with 4 x 3 EP. Although the group has two CDs out under its name (1999's Melodic-Hypnotic and 2000's Organigalactic), both striving toward the same amalgamated final product, this release marks a considerable step up for this eclectic outfit, at least in terms of sound quality and clarity of vision. Be prepared when the Waz drops its next full-length: on the road to reaching their ultimate musical quest, the fellas may even offer up a cover of Britney or Christina. You just never know.
by Paul Rosner ###
Thanks and we wish for all of your dreams to come true this year! And if you haven't done so yet, order a copy of 4x3 EP today from www.HomeGrownMusic.net today!

The Was Wishes You Well... David, Eric, Edgar, and Michael
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