First Crimean Jazz and Wine Festival

Done in true Russian style, which interprets as wine optional, vodka mandatory, with special pre-concert jazz parties for VIPs, dignitaries, special guests and with utmost security...the Friday and Saturday - free to the public - concert, began at six and lasted well into the night. A large stage was constructed waterfront, and there was plenty to see for all interested spectators. There is a walking promenade near the water with many excellent bistro's, cafes, and full-scale restaurants. Solyanyk and his trio played just prior to the finale with Johnny V and his bassist Glen Yorga, with Solyanyk crossing over to the organ. It swung.

There were other featured groups, including a group that featured the guitar, three of them acoustically, a bebop quintet with multiple reeds and a trumpet. A young trio from the Carpathian mountain region, guitar, bass and drums. Kiev based Julia Roma stood up to sing standards with the Solyanyk trio and the bop quintet, led by her pal Natasha on piano. Back in Kiev in June for an exhibition of the author' abstract painting at the Taras Schevscenko university art gallery, Vlad Solyanyk and Andrei Valentino performed as a duo, while I gave a workshop happening demo of my style of painting. Jazz and its intimate companion, abstract art, are live and kicking in eastern Europe.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: vlad-solyanyk kiev Art Ensemble
  • Event Date: 5/1/2001
  • Subtitle: Jazz Alive and Kicking in Eastern Europe
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