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SATURDAY, OCTOBER 27 @ 7:45 PM (ONE SET) **PLEASE NOTE THE EARLY TIME** SOUND OF VILLAGE DUO (Yusuke Yamamoto, perc & flute; Mika Pohjola, piano) THE KNITTING FACTORY 74 Leonard Street (betw. Church St & Bway). NEW YORK CITY. Tel: (212) 219-3055, $ 7.
Another gig is coming up on THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 15 at 11 pm at the Knitting Factory. Line-up still TBA.

2. A NEW CD, "LANDMARK" with MikaSonik: BEN MONDER: Guitar MIGUEL ZENON: Alto Sax & Flute FERNANDO HUERGO: Bass ROBERTO DANI: Drums & Percussion JOHANNA GRÜSSNER: All Voices MIKA POHJOLA: Piano, Harpsichord, Rhodes, DX7 & Sampling

will be officially released in January 2002. However, advance copies will be available for press as soon as early November. This CD is released by Abovoice, a label based in Scandinavia. Bill Milkowski wrote the liner notes:

"An inventive composer with his eclectic brand of jazz, the transplanted Helsinki-born pianist has brought a wealth of ideas and boundless enthusiasm to the downtown scene since arriving in New York in 1995. Along the way he has documented his progress with a string of impresses releases. Landmark -- a studio recording with his dynamic working quintet, MikaSonik -- is his most potent and adventurous work yet.

Pohjola has assembled a crackling, flexible crew that can easily run the gamut from odd-metered Zappa-esque romps to soothing, romantic ballads, from Passport-ish fusion vehicles to 4th century Gregorian hymns, from lilting lullabies to searing rock-fueled jams, from evocative, cinematic themes to scintillating vocalese.

While much of the music here is quite demanding, this skilled unit navigates Pohjola’s tricky meters and intricate unison lines with seasoned aplomb. And though it may be strictly composed and meticulously arranged material, there is still plenty of room within these structures for the soloists to blow, notably guitar monster Monder and the pungent-toned alto burner Zenon.

With Landmark, Pohjola strikes an appealing balance between heady architecture and heartfelt improvisation." -- Bill Milkowski

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The Down Beat Magazine wrote (about "SOUND OF VILLAGE") "Pohjola plays with warmth and lyricism"

All Music Guide wrote (about "ANNOUNCEMENT"): "Simply stated, "Announcement" represents a joyous event that supersedes a good portion of the nondescript, overly hyped, and rigorously marketed 90’s and 2000 brand of post-bop, whereas this refreshing and altogether stirring production imparts a lasting impression! Strongly recommended." (Rating: **** 1/2)

All Music Guide further wrote (about "LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE"): "This is one hell of a live record by a talent who deserves to record regularly for Blue Note as well as play the club." (Rating ****)

The Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet wrote (about "SOUND OF VILLAGE"): "There's intensity in the sophisticated, with a glow that burns stronger with sparse energy." (Rating *****)

All About Jazz.com wrote (about "SOUND OF VILLAGE"): "Sound of Village offers a stepping stone for one’s imagination and is certainly one of the year's finest offerings! Highly recommended."

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Thank you all who have recently purchased, reviewed or played the cd on radio. I hope you're enjoying the music.

_______________________________________________________ Listen & Buy my CDs on the web: SOUND OF VILLAGE --> Click here ANNOUNCEMENT --> Click here LIVE AT THE BLUE NOTE --> Click here HUR MAN RÄDDAR KÄRLEKEN & ANNAT --> Click here ON THE MOVE --> Click here MYTHS AND BELIEFS --> Click here

Distribution: U.S. & CANADA (except Myths & Beliefs): NORTH COUNTRY. T: (315) 287-2852, F: (315) 287-2860 CANADA: VERGE. T+F: (905) 852-9745 SWEDEN: CDA AB. T: +46-8-442 1120, F: +46-8-442 1133 FINLAND: DIGELIUS MUSIC. T: +358-9-666 375, F: +358-9-628 950 JAPAN: GATS PRODUCTION. T: +81-3-5307 5040, F: +81-3-5307 5041

_________________________________________________________ Born in Finland, award-winning composer and pianist MIKA POHJOLA studied under jazz pianist Alvaro Is Rojas at the Royal Music Academy of Stockholm. He completed his formal education with honors at Berklee College of Music with Gary Burton, Herb Pomeroy and Ed Bedner. In 1994, Downbeat named his trio "Best Student Group." Since then, POHJOLA has released seven (7) critically acclaimed albums: Myths & Beliefs (GM Recordings, 1996), On the Move (MMK97, 1997), Announcement (YLE, 1998), Live at the Blue Note (Change Records, 2000), Hur man räddar kärleken & annat (YLE, 2000), Sound of Village (Splasc(H) Records, 2001) and Landmark (Abovoice, 2002) Please visit www.jazz.what.cc for additional information, sound samples and purchase information. "Mika Pohjola is a young talent on an upward spiral" Glenn Astarita, Downbeat

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  • Artist / Group Name: Mika Pohjola
  • Event Date: 10/1/2001
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