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Jazz Skat Gumbo/Kat Walker& Ukiah’s Lullaby/Anson Wright Jazz Skat Gumbo/Kat Walker& Ukiah’s Lullaby/Anson Wright

Jazz Skat Gumbo/Kat Walker (2009)

Jazz Skat Gumbo is a blend of the "feel" that only New Orleans can deliver. Vocalist Kat Walker is the guide through the French Quarter back streets of sound. Ms. Walker’s new CD, Jazz Skat Gumbo, is a collection of select traditional compliments, if you will, performed with gifted New Orleans jazz musicians that grace this honored stage we call New Orleans.

Kat’s gritty vocals are unique and very inviting and when she adds her attitude by scatting, it brings each track to its true vibrancy.

Saxophonist, Dominick Grillo respects Kat’s adventurous vocal style. Pianist, Bart Ramsey bonds the mix with a yesteryear stride piano movement and its relevant overtone throughout the CD. You can sample the flavor on "I Got Rhythm."

Jazz Skat Gumbo is a satisfying, "sculpted with tradition" jazz performance. The NOLA heat comes alive in this spin. Ms. Walker is the fun "heavy with heat" artist which adds a surprise tease in each song, thus maintaining the audience in the groove and keeping the listener attentive throughout the project.

TRACKS OF INTEREST: It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Ain’t Got That Swing, I Got Rhythm

Ukiah’s Lullaby/Anson Wright: Saphu Records (2009)

Saturated as we are in the jazz sphere with string architects, approaches to compositions vary with more intensity than others. Such is the case of the furiously adept temperament of Anson Wright, along with bassist Tim Gilson; they cleverly dispense Ukiah’s Lullaby with such fervor, that the project influences the listener’s penchant in string jazz with dynamism.

The signature supple tones of Mr. Wright are engaging sounds that remain consistent throughout the project. Mr. Gilson also takes that dramatic bass and injects the foundation which allows the disk to work in several directions. Also note the avenues the music sheet takes with "Orion" as in other cuts, the Wright strings blankets varied angelic personalities without abrupt digressions. Note the bass’s mood swings, he really could be labeled the "conductor" on this road trip through jazz.

I found a spiritual side to Wright and Gilson’s originals. Without getting into textbook dribble, the duo designed a controlled emotional event thus performing this event with an uncontrollable impact on the spirit-hungry audience. The concept was one of few that hold your sway with every push-n-play!

TRACKS OF INTEREST: Ukiah’s Lullaby, Orion, and Gifts

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  • Artist / Group Name: Jazz Skat Gumbo/Kat Walker& Ukiah’s Lullaby/Anson Wright
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