Bryan Zoran

Bryan Zoran

All fans of music would enjoy the pleasure of hearing an innovator like Les Paul. With a weekly Monday night gig at the Iridium there is no reason anyone should miss this musical icon. Turning ninety years old this June, Les still has that sweet sound that made him famous. The first selection of the evening was the classic All of Me, sung by the other guitarist on the gig, Lou Pallo. This was followed by the rhythmically complex Brazil and a compelling version of Up a Lazy River. On these number

World Jazz

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Friday the 13th is a day sometimes associated with bad luck, evil spirits and danger. At Joe’s Pub on Friday May 13th, there were definitely strong spirits. However, they were of the positive variety. Jack DeJohnette was celebrating the Official Label Launch Party of his new, independent record label, Golden Beams Productions. "Music in the Key of OM" was Jack’s first release on the label and focuses on the healing powers of meditation. The second release, "Music From The Hearts of the Masters,"
Barbara Sfraga has assembled an impressive group of musicians to perform their unique and soulful compositions. The complex arrangements highlight the many talents of each musician. Regarding the formation of their new, forthcoming CD, which contains many of these compositions, Barbara had this to say,

"Our original concept started when Michael "T.A." Thompson & Mala Waldron surprised me with a bunch of tunes they had written for me. They knew me well, and knew the twists and turns I like

It was an exciting evening. I was going to see Pablo Menendez, an incredibly unique guitarist and songwriter, whom I was only recently exposed to. Pablo was born in Oakland but went to school in Cuba in 1966 to study art at Escuela Nacional de Arte at the tender age of 14. He got married, raised a family and has made this island nation his home ever since. Promoting a hot, new record (CD release party) with unbelievable compositions, half penned by Pablo, he took NYC by storm. His opening select


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A group of musicians as eclectic and pioneering as this come together only so often. It is with great sincerity that I thank the musicians for this rare collaboration. Arthur Blythe took this opportunity at the Blue Note to feature some of the most venerable members of the "free jazz" genre. Arthur, a genius on his instrument (alto saxophone), is a giant pillar of this art form in his own right. Manning the tenor sax was none other than world music and free jazz innovator Dewey Redman. One of th
Many jazz aficionados remember Butch Morris’ cornet playing from his work with saxophone legend David Murray, appearing on such seminal recordings as Flowers for Albert, Let the Music Take You and The London Concert. However, it is his work as a conductor that was being celebrated during Black History month. Every Tuesday evening in February at 7:00pm the Knitting Factory in NYC presented BLACK FEBRUARY: 20 Years of Conduction - BUTCH MORRIS Conducts Band Big. On February 8, Band Big featured an
Celebrating the release of a fantastic new CD simply entitled the Jim Seeley/Arturo O’Farrill Quintet, this dynamic group took the stage at Cornelia Street Café Friday, January 7. Released on the Zoho label, the CD is highly recommended. The co-leader and trumpet player, Jim Seeley, wrote all of the compositions.

The thing about these tunes that makes them special was revealed the day after I first listened to the CD. I certainly enjoyed the music the first time through but what struck me was

A force of nature, Jack DeJohnette is one of the elite drummers of the modern jazz era. An opportunity to see and hear him should not be missed. That point was brought home with an exclamation point on Thursday night at Birdland. Pouring his heart and soul into the performance, DeJohnette displayed incredible ferocity and intensity. Better yet, he and his band mates wrote new tunes, which brought out the best of this new super group. Danilo Perez was featured on piano, John Patitucci on bass and
When three heavyweights of this magnitude join forces, sparks are bound to fly. The anticipation and excitement of seeing a trio of this caliber is what jazz lovers live for. And when the musicians deliver a set as spiritually and musically satisfying as this group did, our obsession with this art form is affirmed and justified. Each of these musicians represents the top tier of professionals on their instrument. They make the impossible seem simple and their rapport is simply delightful.


A night of amazing music opened with Russell Malone and Benny Green taking center stage, a group typically headlining most shows. They are both incredible musicians and the rapport the have developed over the years is uncanny. They opened with a beautiful rendition of the Rodgers and Hart classic My Romance. This was followed by a Wes Montgomery classic entitled Jingles. Russell Malone started letting sparks fly with his improvisational prowess. Benny Green added an artistic solo that made me he
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