Cheryl Hughey

Cheryl Hughey

Just in time for Thanksgiving, jazz trumpeter and composer Mark Rapp launched a simple, but effective, web app ( ) to spread the feeling of thanks and gratitude. It features an original composition by Rapp appropriately named “Thank You” which was recorded and released on the trumpeter’s debut CD “Token Tales”(Paved Earth Music, 2009).

Professional music photographer Sherry Fisher shares her suggestions for taking better concert photos.

You’ve bought tickets, strapped on your camera and are ready to go to your favorite show. Need a few quick tips to get better pictures? This article outlines a few basic tips to help you get started.

Do you want the thrill of the big sound of a live concert in your home? Ditch that 80s boom box for a home entertainment system and set your jazz free.

The New York style jazz clubs of yesteryear often hold a sweet, nostalgic memory in the hearts of fans. We envision a dark place filled with swirling smoke and mysterious strangers chattering against a backdrop of bebop.  Although modern life has altered the landscape of the music and the city, the mystique of these historical venues remains.

With the decline of the contemporary jazz market in the US, you’d expect that recording artists would feel the pressure to follow prescribed trends. After all, part of the survival game has always involved releasing formulated “radio friendly” material.  However, there have always been a few brave visionaries who prefer to define the rules of the game. Welcome to the world of Acoustic Alchemy, who have just released their 18th CD, Roseland.

Have you ever dreamed of vacationing with your favorite jazz artists? From The Jazz Cruise to the Catalina Island Jazz festival, a jazz-themed vacation can be an enjoyable experience.

Whether you are attending a locally-based concert or a large national production, festivals play an important role in our jazz community. Although often not as intimate as a jazz club, they provide a place for both musician and the listener to come together as one.

The Jazz Review asked funk saxophonist Donn Bynum to share with us his favorite portable listening device.  For fans of Motown, Bynum has toured with mega names to include the Commodores, Bootsy Collins and Brothers Johnson.  From vinyl to digital, Bynum has witnessed the changing face of music today.

The trumpet can be a beautiful instrument that carries both soul and power.  Finding the right teacher for trumpet lessons will have a significant influence on a young musician’s future.  We asked several professional trumpet players for their advice.

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