Gary Tate

Gary Tate

This battle-hardened collection of All Stars consists of 79-year old Rock & Roll legend Jimmy Cavallo, Louisiana Hall Of Famer Johnny Pennino, plus "Mr. Versatlity" Pat Carey who’s chalked up numerous awards as Canada’s top R&B player. To its very core, "Steppin’ Out Of Blue Monday" is a smile-inducing journey down memory lane steeped in the spirit of the Golden Days of Rock ‘n’ Roll when honkers and wailers threw the gauntlet down and launched the Big Beat.


Many tribute releases tend to suffer from an excess of adulation, often reducing them to the level of sing-a-longs by professionals. Instrumentalists tend to be less hidebound by these considerations, and that’s the case with Run Neil Run, where the Sisters Euclid profoundly re-think 10 Neil Young tunes by twisting them in an off-kilter direction.

It doesn’t disappoint, and the reason is the guitar pyrotechnics of Kevin Breit, the looming presence behind Sisters Euclid. Breit has an e

If you’re seeking a guitar player that can channel the spirit of Jimi Hendrix then look no further than Eddie Turner. That authoritative sense flows from 4 decades spent honing his craft. On "The Turner Diaries", the leading man summons notes and phrases like a modern prophet, who’s done it all, seen it all, and isn’t the least shy about revealing the mysteries he’s uncovered along the way.

There’s intensity to spare, and throughout a bold assertive mood to sustain one’s in

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