Peter Daddone

Peter Daddone

 Although Brian Auger has more than fifty years of music production experience, he is still on a journey.  If evidence of this was required one need look no further than the two current projects with which he is involved (Brian Auger's Oblivion Express and Brian Auger Trinity featuring Savannah Grace) or of course to his current album, the excellent 'Language of the Heart'.

William Carn's new band, Run Stop Run and his latest album of the same title could also be titled simply "run."  Carn's recent work and collaborations, as well as his work as a professor of music, provide tremendous insight into Carn's work ethic.  Nowe, by adding touring to his busy schedule, Carn is truly a man in motion.

Couch surfing. No, it is not a new event you will see at a Peripheral Vision concert, much like Moshing was to Nirvana and Anthrax. But it is an endearing sacrifice band co-leaders Michael Herring and Don Scott made in order to develop a strong friendship with each other. At various times during the first few years that Scott and Herring were friends; they frequently crashed on their respective couches when one had a place to stay and the other didn't. This back and forth "surfing" is ultimately what allowed the two to be such strong musicians with a powerful sense of each other's timing; which allows Peripheral Vision to be such a potent force. It also helps that the band can play their instruments extremely well. "I think musically we know each other well. Playing with someone, when you intuitively understand where they are going, helps the flow of the performance," said band co-leader Don Scott.

Building a career by earning the respect of your peers is a difficult, ongoing task. Imagine trying to do it twice. Punctuated by a storied basketball franchise, the Boston Celtics, honoring him with a bobble head promotion and with Billboard slotting his album Emotionally at number 11 on the jazz album charts, Walter McCarty has succeeded at both.

Aspiring singers, many of whom wish to embark on a career in entertaining, eagerly await six-time Grammy nominee and internationally renowned singer and songwriter, Nnenna Freelon. Students at James Hubert Blake High School, in Silver Spring, Maryland, were about to participate in a workshop conducted by the Jazz songstress.

Law school creates more than a few challenges. There are hours upon hours of studying, grueling hours interning at law firms, and financial bills that need to find a way to get paid. For many law students the adversity is just too much to overcome and that can lead to despair. For Ola Onabule, it determined his life's journey.