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Carol Duboc

Carol Duboc Carol Duboc
"The concept began when I started looking for a special Valentine’s song. I realized there weren’t many out there so I wrote my own." Wow, what an easy way for a conversation to begin, straight forward and right to the point.

Carol Duboc is a seasoned and experienced songwriter/arranger/pianist/vocalist and all around music professional. Talking about her fourth CD release, Songs for Lovers, Ms. Duboc goes on to say that "My Valentine" sparked the inspiration to do a project of all romantic love songs.

JazzReview: What do you want your listeners, both new and old, to experience from Songs for Lovers?

Carol Duboc: I hope the listeners enjoy the romantic themes expressed through songs that vary in terms of style and genre. When I listen to music, I like to experience a journey of variety. I have written lots of piano music and in this setting, felt comfortable including "Longing" and "Passion." With this project, they seemed to fit.

JazzReview: So what began with the search for a Valentine’s song, resulted in the opportunity to take on the romantic theme, and incorporate a wide variety of styles. In addition, you bring two commercially popular songs that fit very nicely, "Sexual Healing" and "Feel Like Making Love." Great songs! With so many popular romantic songs to select, how did these two make the CD?

Carol Duboc: With this album it was really easy. I have always loved Marvin Gaye. Let’s get that out of the way right up front. So, this was an obvious choice for me. Roberta Flack has always been a favorite of mine and "Feel Like Making Love" is a song I have always enjoyed. It has been in my live show in the past and people responded well to it.

JazzReview: Your arrangements of these covers, as well as those on your CD, "All of You" are creative as they go in very different directions from the original, familiar recording. You make the songs your own and provide a fresh perspective to familiar music. The new arrangements of these familiar tunes keep the listener on their seat’s edge.

Ms Duboc: Thank you. Credit must go to Tim Carmon for the arrangement of "Sexual Healing." I like this arrangement very much. It has sort of a "neo-soul" feel to it.

JazzReview: How can we not discuss "Brownies and Wine," which is not the traditional mix of food and drink? Where did this song originate? There has to be a story here somewhere.

Ms. Duboc: This idea came during a family gathering that might have included a "bit" of wine. Sometime late that day, after a sip or two, my brother’s wife came in the room with a plate of brownies and I thought, ‘that is different," and just launched into song playfully and said "Brownies and Wine, I need to turn that into a jazz tune.’ I made an entry in my idea notebook and pulled it out at the piano when this project came about. I think we made it work I don’t know.

Jazz Review: It works nicely, like the whole album. Ms. Duboc, thank you so much for talking about your latest project, and giving us some insight to you as a person and as an artist. Your music makes a beautiful sound that captivates the ear of the romantic listener.

Additional Info

  • Artist / Group Name: Carol Duboc
  • Interview Date: 2/1/2005
  • Subtitle: R & B Jazz With A Meaningful Message
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