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Inspiring Young Minds with Trumpet Lessons

Maurice Brown Maurice Brown Photo by Morrice Blackwell

The trumpet can be a beautiful instrument that carries both soul and power.  Finding the right teacher for trumpet lessons will have a significant influence on a young musician’s future.  We asked several professional trumpet players for their advice.

First, it is important to find a teacher that can set a good example for the student.   “I believe the #1 thing a student needs to look for in a teacher is integrity towards helping the student master his or her goals,” said Randy Skinner (George Clinton and the P-Funk All Stars).

In addition to integrity, you need an instructor that has actual music education experience (preferably on a college level, according to smooth jazz trumpeter David Wells.)  “You want to find a teacher that has teaching for several years … just because somebody that can play, doesn't mean they can teach,” said Wells.

If you are a parent looking for an instructor to give lessons to your child, finding someone that understands the temperament of creative young minds is also valuable. “As it stands young children inherently have very short attention spans.  This is even more apparent when they are learning to play a musical instrument.  Having taught young kids how to play the trumpet now for over a decade I have developed a few techniques that I’ve used to keep my students focused during their lesson,” said soul trumpeter Lin Rountree.

Rountree uses his knowledge to keep the students coming back. “Ultimately your students should enjoy at least a part of their lesson or time spent with you because then they won’t mind coming back.  Some students may eventually look forward to the lesson.  And they just might learn how to play an instrument in the process,” said Rountree.

Grammy and Emmy Nominee Greg Adams believes that it is good to start lessons when a student is young. He also added that "a one on one relationship with a pro instructor helps the student not to develop any bad habits in technique."

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