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iPad 2 and iPod Favored by Former Commodores Saxophonist Donn Bynum


The Jazz Review asked funk saxophonist Donn Bynum to share with us his favorite portable listening device.  For fans of Motown, Bynum has toured with mega names to include the Commodores, Bootsy Collins and Brothers Johnson.  From vinyl to digital, Bynum has witnessed the changing face of music today.

“My favorite listening device for jazz is the iPod classic (120 gigabites),  but if I could choose a second device it would be the iPad 2. With my iPod I can listen while exercising, in the car, on the plane or wherever. I also use it to accompany me occasionally when I'm practicing. The portability allows me to carry my entire collection. What a brilliant invention,” said Bynum.
If portability is not the issue, the iPad 2 offers convenience in function. “ … the iPad 2 has iPod features but is not quite as portable as the iPod.   However, I enjoy listening to music via Pandora and other internet radio stations.   I can utilize the larger screen to read about other artists and tailor the listening experience to my mood for that day. I'm also able to benefit from the built-in speakers,” said Bynum.
How has portable music changed the face of jazz today?  “Portable music has changed the face of jazz music by including faces and narratives with the wonderful sounds.  Finally, the listening audience is blessed with more information about the people behind the music.   In turn, they can inform others.  Jazz music now has more of a global audience, as a result of portable listening devices like the iPod and the iPad,” said Bynum.

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