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Music Fans Remain Passionate for Record Players

Do you fondly remember spinning vinyl records on your high-fi stereo?  

For music fans that grew up prior to boom of digital technology, record players remain a favorite way to listen to music. What are the advantages of vinyl to digital?  “Vinyl sounds warm and real. Analog recordings have accurate room sound and all the overtones of live music, so older vinyl sounds even better than new, digitally recorded vinyl,” said Lew Prince, Founder/Managing Partner of Vintage Vinyl Inc. (St. Louis, Mo.).

Collecting records is a passion for many. Why collect vinyl?  “One of the best things about records is that music is much cheaper on used vinyl. Vintage Vinyl has about 50,000 LPs in stock and more than 90% of them cost less than $5. We have thousands of 45's for a buck apiece,” said Prince. “Album art can be beautiful and creative. We sell so many records to people who just want to hang them on the wall that we've had to stock album size picture frames at the request of our customers,” he added.

Fans that grew up with record players are passionate.  When asked for their fond memories of spinning vinyl on Facebook, one user recalled, “Elvis, blues suede shoes multiple times as I practiced a lip sync for my sixth grade play. I shredded it.” (Ralph Pfremmer, blues harmonicist and CEO of Pfoodman L.L.C.)

Another remembered, “As a little girl, playing my parent's country records, and standing on the couch for my stage and using a wooden spoon for my microphone, and singing every word of every song on every record they had to an invisible audience. “ (Marti Ryan, NashGirl01 owner and video blogger)

What are some of your fond memories of your record player?

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